Last hoop jumped through

By Marcie Klomp

Jesse Stevens, President of Lime Springs Beef, LLC had good news for Council at the July 2 meeting. “Lime Springs Beef will officially start on Friday [July 5]. We’ll be in a position that the grants from USDA and REC will be activated. It’ll probably take a month to get contracts. In a matter of weeks, you’ll see the dirt move. Thank you all for your support. Everyone involved recognizes what great support the city has had for this project.” With that, Stevens was applauded for his work in moving the business to Lime Springs.

Howard County Business & Tourism Director Jason Passmore explained the High Quality Jobs program will provide $234,000 ($80-90,000 in Iowa sales tax refund and tax credits over a five-year program) because 50 new jobs will be brought to the area. He said Stevens worked hard for the grant—having to break down what each job will be, pay scale, etc.

Passmore was on hand to get a new resolution passed for the Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) grant. The council actually approved a resolution in October and Tuesday’s resolution had a few additions to it.

“Everything is the same as it was back then, except we were talking about 25 jobs and just thinking of ramping up to 50 jobs. Now we are starting at 50.” A time schedule and cost estimates were looked at again. The RISE grant will help with paying for paving the roadway for Lime Springs Beef.

• In other business, three of six teenagers who trespassed at Lime Springs Pool bravely came to the meeting to apologize. Mayor Barb Robinson said, “I am pleased you girls had the moxie to come in.”

• The American Red Cross was officially given permission to use the Community Center in case of a disaster situation.

• Robinson relayed the information that Howard County was going for storm damage to get aid. Any damage done after June 21 until current can be documented and turned into FEMA.

• Council members Corey Gates and Kevin Bill looked at the curb and gutter and road in front of Johnson Comfort Systems. The business owners want to redo their sidewalk and let council know there were some problems with the road and drainage.

Gates said, “We looked at it and I think we need to fix farther out than four feet. It should be six to eight feet. We need to do our part to fix it.”

• Some roads, especially Main Street, were given a few bags of cold patch blacktop to fill in holes. Public Works Director Casey Sebastian mentioned, “The biggest problem is Miller Street. My suggestion is in the next fiscal year to do one half of the road and one half the next year.”

A section of road in front of the former Kenny Mensink house needs to be repaired from a water leak last year.

• Council had already authorized six loads of rock to be added to streets in town. It authorized another three plus work on the worst gravel roads in town.

Work will be done on Jones Street (three loads of rock and grading the road); Franklin (three loads and grade); and Travel Plaza (rock and grade).

• Gates gave a list of troublesome trees to council. Some needed trimmed, eliminated or cutting of branches.

• Council will meet in the near future to come up with monetary consequences for non-compliance of city ordinances.

Clerk Carla Moser was authorized to look into getting a new and better computer system. The current system has been crashing, and three different companies were called to fix it. The most recent company diagnosed the problem as a hardware issue.

• According to the contract with Hawkeye Sanitation, garbage rate increases will begin with the July utility bill. The bill will increase 26¢ for a single occupant and 28¢ for a family, along with nine cents for recycling.

• A letter of denial will be sent to Thompson Condos for putting in a fire escape/deck on the upper level.

• Jim Brevig asked to have a fireworks permit. He asked for a permit from Howard County Supervisors, who referred him back to the City, whose ordinance book says that is handled by the county.

In the past, the county has authorized permits to residents of Lime Springs. Other towns in the county have their own ordinances. Council will look into the matter.

• K&H Cooperative was given permission, after getting a permit and talking with neighbors, to put tile at their business, on the west side of Lime Springs.

• Lime Springs Community Club was given permission to have a tree at Brown Park sculpted with a chainsaw.

• A complaint on nuisance dogs will be addressed.

• Council authorized the mayor to turn a recreational fire issue over to the city attorney.

• The next City Council meeting will be August 6, just a few days before Sweet Corn Days.


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