Ribbon Auction grosses $36K

The 4-H and FFA ribbon auction at the 2013 Mighty Howard County Fair grossed $36,545 (down from $43,000 in 2012) for the county youth this year. The average ribbon was $322.28 for the 110 ribbons sold. This is compared to $446.77 for 124 ribbons last year.

There were 45 buyers. The highest ribbon bids were as follows:

• Rabbit ribbon $250 for Austin Vsetecka by Crop Production Services

• Poultry Ribbon $425 for Myranda Bartels by Wacha Insurance

• Horse ribbon $550 for Lindsey Anderson by Crop Production Services

• Beef ribbons both $700 for Taylor Haskovec by Koshatka Farm Equipment and $700 for Shay Peckham by Fenco Products

• Dairy ribbon for $850 for Jason Malven by George Malven

• Meat Goat ribbon for $410 for Morgan Drilling by Marzholf Implement

• Sheep ribbon for $450 for Laine Fitzgerald by Russell Fitzgerald

• Swine Ribbon for $275 for Jordan Klimesh by Cresco Livestock Market.

Buyers at the auction who purchased ribbons were as follows:

• Cresco Livestock Market – three beef, one dairy, two sheep and one swine

• Art’s Mill – one dairy

• Grover Farms – one poultry, one horse

• Norwegian Mutual – two rabbit, one horse, one beef, one dairy

• Don Anderson Insurance – one horse, one beef, one dairy, one sheep

• Marzolf Implement- one beef, one dairy, two meat goat

• MC Reis – one dairy one sheep

• Russell Fitzgerald – one sheep

• Jeff Peckham – two dairy

• Tom Barnes – one poultry

• Crop Production Services – one rabbit, one horse, one meat goat

• K & K Seeds – two horse

• Tess Kennon – one poultry

• Howard County Cattlemen – one beef, one dairy

• H & H Farms – one rabbit, one horse

• C US Bank – one rabbit, one poultry, three horse, two beef, two dairy

• Wacha Insurance – one rabbit, one poultry

• Fenco Products – one rabbit, one horse, two beef, two dairy, one sheep one swine

• Christensen Ag – one poultry

• Andy’s Mini Mart – one beef

• Dave’s Drywall – two rabbit

• Weidow Farms – one dairy

• Winneshiek Coop – two rabbit, one poultry, two horse, one dairy, one sheep

• Joe Whitinger – one poultry.

• Maple Heights Golf Course – one horse

• Bob’s Electric – one rabbit, one beef, two sheep

• Sovereign Farms – one poultry, one meat goat

• Cresco Motor Company – one rabbit

• Hovey Quarter Horses – one horse

• Cresco Bank & Trust – one rabbit, one horse, one beef, one dairy

• Five Star Coop – two beef

• Little Valley Farms – one dairy

• George Malven – three dairy

• Nate’s Outdoor Recreation – one horse

• John and Pam Anderson – one swine

• Bodensteiner Implement – one poultry

• Decorah Implement – one horse, one dairy

• Koshatka Farm Equipment – one horse, two beef

• Decorah Sales Commission – one beef

• Sports Mind Success – one rabbit

• Lanesboro Sales Commission – one beef

• Howard County Fair – one rabbit

• A & J Construction – one horse, one beef, one swine

• Doug Reicks Trucking – one horse, one beef, one dairy

• Farmer’s Mill – one beef, one dairy

Local auctioneers included Wayne Mlady, Dean Eastman, Lyle Eastman, John Anderson, Richard Shindelar and Dick Ollendick. Ring helpers included Les Opat, Dan Ollendick and all the others during the auction and through the week with the livestock.

A 15 percent commission of $5,481.75 goes to general funds of 4-H and FFA in the county for youth activities after fair auction expenses.


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