Pony/horse rides on Sunday

Team Howard County will be giving horse rides to kids on Sweet Corn Sunday, Aug. 11, at Brown Park. The girls involved, Thea Hartzell, Abby Kennon, Stephanie Reicks, Emi Frohn and Rachel Stika are looking forward to doing this because children are always drawn to horses, and the 4-Hers usually aren’t allowed to give rides at places, such as the fair.

They will be offering pony or small horse rides for a free-will donation to help raise funds to offset expenses associated with a trip they are taking in October. They will also use funds to purchase some study materials.

Team Howard County is a group of kids from any 4-H club (need not be a horse owner to belong) that competes in horse judging, hyppology and quiz bowl competitions.

This year the team qualified to compete in Ohio at the National Quarter Horse Congress against other states in the Hippology Division. The local girls actually qualified for horse judging as well, but had to choose one because the competition is held in Ohio on the same day.

Hippology is basically the study of anything horse related. Anything from anatomy, diseases and vet care to feed and tack or tools.

Anyone who misses them on Sunday will have another chance to get up close and personal with horses at a Horsing Around—Learning Equine Basics Workshop on Aug. 24. It will be at the Cresco Saddle Club grounds from 1-4 p.m. Attendees need not be in 4-H to attend.


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