City forgives deficits

By Marcie Klomp

Each year, the City of Lime Springs gives each of its departments a budget to work within. The fiscal year ended June 30, 2013 and two (Library and Pool) of the departments went over their budgets, while three (Community Center, Fire Department and Parks) were under budget.

At the Aug. 6 council meeting, members forgave the overages and allowed the departments to put extra money in special fund accounts.

The Library was over budget by $122, which was forgiven.

The Pool & Parks Departments are combined. Parks was under budget by $623.81, while the Pool was over budget by $2,484.99. The council forgave the difference of $1,861.18.

The Fire Department asked for its $466.81 to be put in a special fund to match grants in obtaining a new pumper truck.

The Community Center did not spend any of its budget and ended up under by $2,258.11. They were allowed to move that money to the special fund account.

• In other pool business, Councilman Gary Klomp spoke for the pool. He said it will stay open for the week after Sweet Corn Days due to guards being able to work and the pool opening a few weeks this summer.

He also asked for council approval to have a Dog Day on Aug. 18, where dog owners can swim with their pets the day before the pool is drained.

Council suggested owners have papers proving their dogs have had their shots and require non-aggressive dogs only.

Mayor Barb Robinson added, “There are going to be some large expenses coming up—the filter system needs tore apart and repaired and painting [the deep end].” She noted the board is looking at grants.

Kevin Bill observed, “It was nice to see ball games being played down there this year.” Moser, a softball coach said, “The kids were really excited about playing.”

• George Tekippe of Fehr Graham Engineering said he was looking at different aerators for the sewer plant. The biggest problem is making sure the ammonia is getting removed. He will determine a system that will be the least expensive for Lime Springs.

Public Works Director Casey Sebastian stated one service line was fixed recently and another was found. He was proud of the fact that after fixing all the leaks around town, the electric bill at the water tower has been $300 less each month than a year ago! Moser later said the average bill for last year was $750-850. The last bill was $470.

McGuire Iron should be in town this week to clean the water tower. The City has contracted them to do it and the company has been unable due to well work.

• Folks may have noticed right before Sweet Corn Days that several sections of road in town were repaired. The Council authorized sections of Main Street and North Miller to be ground out and repaved. Blacktop was added to other potholes. The cost was $8,250, compared with $15,000 from another company.

• Several appointments were made with Dusty’s Tree Service that never materialized. Councilman Corey Gates will try to meet with him again to figure out the trees that need to be removed or trimmed.

• A beer permit for Lime Springs Community Club was approved for Sweet Corn Days.

• Building permits for Beth Mensink, Barb Robinson (two permits), Mark Tibbals, Dave Meyer, Jerry Johnson and VanderBie Park were approved by Sebastian. A permit for Corall Fortney was not approved.

• St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was given permission to put up a new sign directing folks to their location.

• The city clerk will speak with the city attorney about steps to take concerning the sidewalk by Theis Repair. The owner had said the work would be completed several times, but it has yet to be addressed.

• Moser told council a new computer was purchased, which was working much better than the old one.

• Council will address a complaint about the removal of a sidewalk at the Joe Trouten residence.

• Council did not approve payment of sheriff protection during Sweet Corn Days.

The next meeting of the council will be Sept. 3 at 7:00 p.m. at the Comm. Ctr.


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