First week of school —Weather gets hot

Surprise, surprise. With school starting Aug. 22, the temperature started to rise. In the past, students were let out early due to heat; that isn’t the case any longer.

Because of some upgrades, parts of all buildings, except Elma, have air conditioning, allowing students to stay in school. When it gets too hot, Elma teachers are given the choice of staying in their classrooms with fans running, having their students bussed to Lime Springs or have class at the Memorial Hall in Elma.

So don’t expect to hear Howard-Winneshiek on the list of schools closing early due to heat.

Supt. John Carver said the first day of school almost went off without a hitch. Aug. 22, a storm went through the area, leaving Elma and Alta Vista without electricity for a couple hours. “We still ran school on time. The power came on at 9:30.”

Maintenance director Larry Trende checked out all the refrigerated items, as did Carver and 2-6 principal Greg Adams. Milk and other food were fine.

The next day came fog. Carver said he had checked about 5:30 a.m., and weather conditions seemed fine. The fog moved in at certain areas after the buses started their rounds. To keep students and drivers safe, those living on Highways 9 and 63 are picked up by a suburban rather than the bus on days such as that.

Despite a little fog and hot weather, the students are all getting to class and buckling down for the 2013-14 school year.


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