W. Kreitzer wins first week

Wayne Kreitzer of Cresco was the winner of a pizza from Lime Springs Travel Plaza/Godfather’s Pizza, along with two tickets to Cresco Theater. He only missed two games out of 15 in the Herald’s first weekly Football Contest. He went with the home team and missed Presentation over Luther. He also missed Tennessee Titans over Pittsburgh Steelers.

Making the editor’s work a little harder this week, two participants tied for second. Denis Lansing and Jan Kreitzer, both from Cresco, each missed four. It came down to the tie-breaker. Both correctly picked New Hampton over Crestwood, but Lansing’s guess of 27-14 was closest to the true score of 28-7.

Others playing were Janice Lansing and Neil Moser.

There are two couples who turn in their choices each week. Do they have side bets on who will be doing dishes that week? If so, this week then men were the winners. Who knows, but maybe this competition could have multiple uses in your family as well!

To enter the contest, pick your winners from those listed on the Football Contest Page (page 6). Don’t forget to fill out scores for the tie-breaker game. Entry forms can be turned into the Lime Springs Herald (there is a mailbox on the door), faxed to 563-566-2687 before 5:00 p.m. each Friday, snail mailed to P.O. Box 187, Lime Springs, IA 52155 or e-mailed to evansppc@mediacombb.net and specify Lime Springs contest.

Participating businesses are Lime Springs Travel Plaza and Godfather’s Pizza, Wemark Chiropractic, KCDs Bar and Grill, C US Bank, CIA Insurance and Lime Springs Herald.


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