H-W students have great role models

Some Lime Springs High School graduates were featured on the latest board.

Some Lime Springs High School graduates were featured on the latest board.

By Marcie Klomp

Starting last year, students at Crestwood High School could see and learn about some former graduates who made it big thanks to the Hall of Honor, situated just outside the office.

Principal Tim Felderman said, “It was a manner to recognize the amazing achievements of individuals from the Howard-Winneshiek school district.”

The first individuals recognized included some pretty famous Howard County natives—Dr. Norman Borlaug (Nobel Peace Prize winner), Ellen Church (the world’s first stewardess) and five admirals (Vice Admiral Frank J. Lowry, Rear Admiral George E. Peckham, Rear Admiral Wallis F. Peterson, Rear Admiral Arthur T. Moen and Rear Admiral Michael J. Malanaphy), all of whom graduated from Cresco High School.

This summer, a new banner was installed. It featured Everett Kuntz of Ridgeway; Brigadier General Robert B. Hughes, Charles “Pete” Garrison and Mabelle J. Markee, all of Lime Springs; George Lymnan Champlin, Jr. and Harold Nichols, all of Cresco; and Dr. Maurice Kramer of Notre Dame.

Felderman plans to continue to identify individuals past and present who have gone on to make sizeable contributions to the nation and world.

Some of the comments the principal has heard include “Yeah, I think I am related to them.” “What he/she did is pretty neat!” “I didn’t realize that person was from Lime Springs/Chester/Cresco/Elma/Ridgeway.”

He added, “I showed the current version to one family member and you could see the look of pride and appreciation immediately cross their face.”

The Hall of Honor can be seen at any time during school hours—just check in at the office.

One day maybe all the halls at the school will be covered with high achieving and successful graduates.

Some of the bios include:

Charles “Pete” Garrison (1930-2009)

Pete graduated from Lime Springs High School in 1948. He became an Air Force Pilot and received a degree from Iowa State University. He worked as a test pilot, engineer, and executive for McDonnell Douglas becoming the VP of the Flight & Laboratory Division. He was the second pilot to ever fly an F-15 and then became the Chief who managed the engineering work to advance its development. Garrison flew in the Missouri Air Guard, earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Mabelle J. Markee (1899-1985)

Mabelle graduated from Lime Springs High School in 1918. She earned her B.A. at Upper Iowa University along with graduate degrees from University of Nebraska and University of Michigan in Nursing.

She became a nurse consultant for the State of Michigan, the Health Department of Chicago, and was commissioned as a consultant for the U.S. Federal Public Health Services in Washington, D.C.

Brigadier General Robert B. Hughes (1916-2007)

Hughes graduated from Lime Springs HS in 1934. He earned a degree from the University of Northern Iowa and was honored as a “Distinguished Graduate.” In World War II, Hughes commanded a Martin B-26 bomber squadron and was Group Operations Officer for the 17th Bomb Group. He flew 60 combat missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, nine Air Medals, three Presidential Unit Citations and the French Croix de Guerre Unit Citation. During the Korean War he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and was director of Operations for the 5th Air Force. He commanded an F-86D fighter group at Geiger Field. Robert was awarded three Legions of Merit and later served as Deputy Commander 4th Air Force, Hamilton AFB in California and Vice-Commander Northern NORAD Region, North Bay, Canada.


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