Who is on LS ballot?

Anyone wishing to be on the ballot for Lime Springs had to have their papers signed and turned in by Sept. 19. There are a couple spots without a candidate—mayor and one council.

Those going off council in January are Mayor Barb Robinson and Councilmen Kevin Bill, Corey Gates and Gary Klomp. According to Howard County Auditor Julie Chapman, nobody filed for mayor, and only two persons filed for council—Kevin Bill and James Dean Miller.

Chapman has already researched what needs to be done for the city. “There is a whole set of rules for a situation like this.” She explained that, as always, there will be spaces for write-in votes on the ballot on Nov. 5. If a write-in individual has the highest number of votes, he or she can accept or decline.

If he or she accepts, things go on as normal. If the role is declined, it goes to the next highest. If at any time there is a tie, the Board of Supervisors draws lots to choose a winner.

Anyone who had thought about running for mayor or council could campaign as a write-in, or perhaps the residents of the town will vote for someone.

In Chester, there are two council positions up for election. Two individuals filed papers—Jacob Cray and Clint Fousek.


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