Meet the staff of LS-C

By Marcie Klomp

Change is inevitable, and that includes what is happening at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary. There is always some moving and adjusting to the new school year. Some staff is new and others have been around for a while.

This year, there is a new principal. Greg Adams took over for Todd Knobloch. He supervises second through sixth grades, district-wide. Shirley Sovereign added kindergarten and first grade to her job as principal, also district-wide. Last year, she was the leader of preschool students.

Another change is that four classes instead of two are multi-grade classes. Mrs. Fravel is teaching fourth/fifth and Mrs. Hemann has first/second. The four-year-old preschool teacher is Mrs. Marr, Lois Leifeld is again kindergarten teacher and Mrs. Adams has third graders. So there are a few changes this year.

What doesn’t change is the great education our kids are receiving at Howard-Winneshiek. Over the next few weeks, the Lime Springs Herald will explore who is teaching and helping the students in 2013-14.

Let’s start with Principal Greg Adams who came to H-W from the Riceville district.

Principal Greg Adams and his family.

Principal Greg Adams and his family.

Greg Adams (Principal 2-6)

Mr. Adams has been married to Renae for 14 years. They have five children, Ryan (12), Spencer (10), Darren (8), Connor (5) and Lauren (3).

They currently live in the country on the west side of Riceville but they are in the process of finding a home in the H-W school district.

Adams’ first day of duty at his new job was July 1. Besides being principal of second-sixth grades, he is the special education director for the district.

He comes to H-W with a good educational record. He attended Iowa State University and received his Bachelor’s Degree. He got his masters from Winona State University. His jobs include 10 years at Waukon as Agriculture and science teacher, seventh grade football coach, high school girls’ sprint coach and head wrestling coach; and Riceville years as 3-12 principal.

The biggest change he has seen is “technology. It has changed the presentation and enrichment of education,” he stated.

His goals for this school year are to “work with H-W’s entire educational community to provide an education that is contemporary and prepares students for life after high school. Also, to be an active participant in conversations and action that promote jobs and job skills in this region for our children.”

His favorite part of his job is working with “cooperative” students and parents and a progressive, dedicated staff.

“My hobbies include family, education, school activities, agriculture, camping, fishing and biking.”

Lois Leifeld

Lois Leifeld

Lois Leifeld (Kindergarten)

“ I feel so lucky to be an elementary teacher, especially kindergarten! I face challenges and fun every day. We start out learning the sounds of all the letters and by May we are writing and reading whole sentences! stated Leifeld.

She and her son, who is a freshman, have two dogs, Patches and Kato. Her favorite snack is popcorn, and her favorite things to do are reading, drawing or coloring. She has six sisters.

“When I started teaching 20 years ago, I taught in New Trier, Minn. The school was on a hill and the kids would bring their sleds in the winter for recess.” She added that to signal the end of recess the principal would step out on the porch and ring a big brass bell—just like they did a century ago!

“It has been very exciting to see the new learning center be built, and the playground being updated. It is very motivating to be learning about reading and math on our iPads,” Leifeld concluded.

Dory Fravel and husband Leonard (right) with their son, Brian, son-in-law, Derek, and daughter, Christy, who also works at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary.

Dory Fravel and husband Leonard (right) with their son, Brian, son-in-law, Derek, and daughter, Christy, who also works at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary.

Dory Fravel (fourth-fifth)

Mrs. Fravel will be married to Leonard 30 years in December. Their daughter, Christy Sobolik, who also works at LS-C) is married to Derek; their son, Brian, lives in Ames

They live on a farm by Schley and were recently featured in the Lime Springs Herald for having a Heritage Farm (150 years in same family).

“I’ve been at H-W for 32 years,” she admitted, although her first job was teaching at Waukon for three years.

The biggest change she has seen over the years is technology. All grades currently have a personal digital device assigned to them.

“My goal for 2013-14 is for each of the kids to be good problem solvers and more efficient at using iPads.”

Her favorite part of the job is “Just being with the school children.” Her favorite memories “are of good times with my own children.” In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and reading.

Christy Sobolik (1-2 grade Associate)

This is Sobolik’s second year in the classroom and third year coaching volleyball at H-W. It is also her first year of working in the same building as her mother, Dory Fravel (4-5 teacher). Her education includes an AA in Early Childhood Education.

Sobolik has been married to Derek for two years and the couple lives near Schley.

Technology is the biggest change she has noticed since she went to school. “I wish I had this in school, I think I would have done a lot better, even throughout college.” This school year Sobolik hopes to be a positive influence on people and children in the community.

“My favorite part of my job is listening to all the kids’ stories. They make me laugh all day long.” Her favorite memory is “Getting married to the love of my life! I’m one lucky gal!”

In her spare time, Sobolik loves to cook. She also plays, watches and coaches sports. In addition she likes to spend time with family and friends, and help children learn.


--mahoneySue Mahoney (Associate)

Mahoney is one of the new staff at the local elementary, although she is not a stranger to the district. She worked as an Associate in Elma last year and the beginning of this year and just started a Literacy/ELL position at LS-C and Cresco on Sept. 23. “In the past I subbed and and did my Internship for my Masters Degree with Howard-Winn.”

Before this, she worked at Sara Lee Bakery in New Hampton for 16 years until it closed in 2000. “I then went back to school and got my BA Degree in Elementary Education at Buena Vista.

“I then worked at Trinity Catholic School in Protivin and Turkey Valley. After a staff reduction with Turkey Valley, I subbed and finished my Masters Degree at Morningside College in 2011.”

Mahoney currently lives in Alta Vista and is an empty nester as her daughter, Becky (23), lives in Manning, Iowa and her son, Brian (19), is attending his first year of college at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids.

She too said technology is the biggest change since she went to school.

Mahoney continued, “I love my new position because I really enjoy teaching reading and working with elementary students! My goals for 2013-2014 are to go back to school and get my ELL Endorsement and find some good apps for our classroom iPads.”

When she gets a chance to pamper herself, Mahoney enjoys shopping and spending time with family and friends. She added she also has a passion for learning and teaching.


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