Bonair Shooting Range open house

The benches are convenient to hold materials as a shoot is taking pace.

The benches are convenient to hold materials as a shoot is taking pace.

By Marcie Klomp

An open house is being held at the Bonair Shooting Range on Sunday, Oct. 20 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Howard County Conservation has done a lot of work there over the past few years. Howard Chapman explained, “We updated the back-stops and made them taller and added benches.” A trap thrower is also available.

Anyone is able to use Bonair Shooting Range. The only request of the Conservation Board is to sign up for a permit. Chapman said, “It is a one-time deal and there is no cost. About 600 people have already signed up to use the range.” Permit holders have to follow safety rules. Permits will be on hand at the open house.

Chapman noted, “A number of law enforcement agencies train there and hunter safety classes use it.” Any number of firearms can be used at the range.

Supervisor Don Burnikel, who lives near the range, said the board followed DNR recommendations when updating the area.

On Oct. 20, the open house will sponsor:

• Trap shooting (bring your own shotgun and trap shells)

• Information about the range and operational rules

• Conservation staff will answer questions

• Range and gun safety educational information will be available

• Refreshments

Bonair Shooting Range is located on Saint Avenue. It is 3.3 miles south from A-23 (Lime Springs-Cresco road) and two miles north from Hwy. 9.

(There is very little information on how or when the shooting range was started. Anyone with any knowledge can get in touch with Marcie at Lime Springs Herald at 563-566-2687.)


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