Meet the staff at LS-C

By Marcie Klomp

This week, the Herald continues to introduce the area to staff at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary.

--hemannJennifer Hemann (first-second grades)

Jennifer and Jake Hemann live in Osage. Jake farms outside of New Haven, and the couple is expecting their first child in December!

Hemann attended University of Northern Iowa where she majored in Special Education/Elementary Education. This is her third year at H-W. This year she is teaching first and second grades combined.

The biggest change from when she attended elementary is technology. “When I was in first and second grades, the computer lab was mainly used for district-wide tests, and it was a big deal to do anything in there. Now, they don’t even know what a computer lab is because the technology is right here in the classroom at all times.”

Her goals for 2013-14 is to help her students become problem solvers so they can be successful both in school and out of school.

Hemann’s favorite part of the job is there is something good about every day. “The kids always have funny stories or say something to make me laugh.”

Hobbies include cooking, making crafts and currently remodeling a home the couple hopes to move into this winter.

Her favorite memory is “sharing my pregnancy with my class – they always have very honest opinions of my ever-growing belly!”

--caffreyRebecca Caffrey (Preschool Associate)

Caffrey enjoys spending time with her parents, brother and sister-in-law and nephew. This is her first year at H-W.

She graduated from Waldorf College with a degree in Elementary Education.

Her favorite part of the job is seeing the students learn new things every day and watching them grow throughout the year.

Her favorite memory is “becoming an aunt for the first time and when I went on a two-week road trip to Florida with my aunt this past summer.”

Caffrey’s hobbies include photography, music and spoiling her nephew, “which I’m pretty good at!”

--harkenHannah Harken (Preschool)

Harken said she is engaged to a wonderful man and lives north of Riceville. She started helping in the preschool room August 2013. “In the past I worked at Living History Farms and nannied in Des Moines.”

The biggest change from when she went to school is technology.

“My favorite part of my job is working with the kids, seeing them smile, and watching them grow and learn.”

In her spare time, Harken enjoys spending time with family, reading, running and basketball. “I also teach Sunday school, work in the garden and learn new things.”

--mihmGerald Mihm (K-5 Resource staff at LS-C and Elma)

Gerald and wife Joie Lee live in Cresco. “She is the owner of Tin Ceiling Antiques in Cresco,” he said.

They are a mixed family with his children, Melissa (Bob) Junge and their children, Hunter and Elana Junge, who live in Florenceville, and his son, Jeremy and wife Brittany, who live in Saratoga.

Her children are Jon (Breta) Lee and children Emma and Eva Lee of Coon Valley, Wis.; her daughter Tashi Lee and her fiance Bill Cooper with children Ava and Julia Lee-Pitts, who live in the Minneapolis area; and daughter Analisa (Vladco) Lee and children Elisenda and Victor, who live in the Chicago area.

“This is my 21st year at Howard-Winneshiek.” He has also worked in construction and farming.

Through ninth grade Mihm attended St. Lukes School in St. Lucas, Iowa. “I graduated from Turkey Valley in 1970. I then attended UNI in Cedar Falls from 1970-1974 and finished my degree in education in 1992.”

The biggest change he has seen is technology. He adds, “When I was in school, we didn’t even have a calculator!”

His goals are to implement the LLI reading program in his classroom in Lime Springs and Elma.

My hobbies include reading, working on cars and trucks and carpentry.”

--pisneyLuann Pisney (Kitchen manager and janitor)

Pisney has been married to Joe for 23 years. Their children include Trevor (22), Sammi (19), Sarah (18), Shannon (14), Shelby (11), Trent (10) and Tyler (seven). The family lives on a farm northeast of Lime Springs.

Luann has worked at H-W since May 2007. She also keeps busy just being a mom.

The biggest change since she attended classes is technology.

Her goals are to help the “kids be more respectful, listen and pick up after themselves.” Her favorite part of the job is to listen to the kids tell stories when they are in line or just talking.

Besides doing “mom” things, Luann enjoys watching her kids participate in sports.


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