2013 Election results

Unofficial results have been released by Howard County Auditor Julie Chapman on the city elections.

Lime Springs

Nobody ran for mayor of Lime Springs, but current mayor Barb Robinson still garnered 21 votes. Jim Smith was a close second with 18 votes. It is not yet known if Robinson accepted the position.

There were two candidates for council and four announced write-ins for three seats. Newcomer James D. Miller had 121 votes; incumbent Kevin Bill had 92; write-in Tary Kolek had 70; and write-in Russ Theis had 49.


Two incumbents ran for two seats on council. Jacob Cray received 13 votes and Clint Fousek received 9.


Incumbent mayor Mark Bohle received 482 votes while opponent Troy Cleveland garnered 163.

Incumbent Steven A. McCarville ran unopposed and received 602 votes for Council At Large. For 2nd Ward, Incumbent Amy Bouska took 138 votes; Jeff Henderson had 101; Michael D. Huffman had 16; and Duane Omar took 33 votes.


Running unopposed, Mike Lensing took the mayor position with 60 votes.

Three seats were open on council. Milan Mohn received 52; Randy Novotny had 39; Ken Panos received 53; and write-in Kyle Stika had 46.


Jerry Steven retained the mayor’s position with 59 votes.

Terry Granahan received 58 votes to win the vacancy position.

The three remaining seats were retained by Gerald Haar with 27 votes; Alan Johnson with 56; and LuRae Mohrfeld with 54.

Public Measure B passed by a vote of 42-23.


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