Kindergartners talk turkey —and cake and pizza and creamed corn

Trent Nightingale, Iris Paintin and Reece Johnson show some of the ingredients for Stone Soup.

Trent Nightingale, Iris Paintin and Reece Johnson show some of the ingredients for Stone Soup.

By Marcie Klomp

It’s always fun to talk with the kids at Lime Springs Chester Elementary about different things. A person never knows what will come out of their mouths.

The Herald’s Thanksgiving tradition has always been to ask the kindergartners a few questions about the holiday meal. Some are on the shy side and just give short answers, others give their life story!

It just so happened the day the kids were interviewed, they were having stone soup, which is why many plan on having soup for Thanksgiving. Mrs. Leifeld said the students didn’t know what to think about having a stone in their soup!

It will probably be one of their most memorable moments in grade school. Hopefully they also remember the lesson: The secret ingredient in stone soup is sharing.

Enjoy the kindergartners thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Peyton Jantzen: We’ll eat turkey and mashed potatoes. Mom will cook the turkey on the grill. You make mashed potatoes with potatoes and gravy. You put them in a pan and then you eat them. For dessert we’ll have ice cream.

Clara Keller: We’ll have chicken noodle soup and onions. My mom makes it. She puts it on top of the oven and it gets really hot. We’ll also have mashed potatoes and ice cream.

Amber Steenhard: We’ll have oranges and grapes. Reece will come over. For dessert we’ll have ice cream and bubble gum.

Violet Paintin: We’ll have bacon. My mom makes it. And pizza. We’ll have cake. My grandma will come.

Talon Henry: We’ll have cookies and chicken. My dad will make it. I don’t know how. In the oven. Taylor and Jordan and Tracy and Brian and Grandma and Grandpa will come over.

Iris Paintin: We’ll have turkey my dad will cook and salad. Crunchy things and lettuce will be on the salad. We’ll have ice cream and cake. Mom always makes the cake.

Jace Newell: (Jace’s family are carnivores!) We’ll have turkey, chicken, ham. That’s it. Everyone cooks the turkey. We put it in the oven for three hours on super hot. For dessert I want ice cream.

Piper Jessen: We’ll have turkey. Dad goes to the farm and gets the turkey, pays for it and then he cuts it up and cooks it in the oven for 24 seconds at 30 degrees. We’ll have creamed corn, green beans and squash. We’ll drink water. While Dad is cooking, Mom watches T.V. and I play.

Peyton Ullom: We’ll have turkey and pie. My favorite thing is Barbies. Grandma makes the turkey. Grandma makes the pies. She’s good at pies. She has pie stuff and puts them in a piece of bread and puts it over the fire.

Reece Johnson: We’ll have apples and pizza. Peyton and Piper will come over for lunch. We’ll have cookies. You make them out of hearts.

Rose Niewoehner: We’ll have chicken noodle soup. For meat we’ll have buffalo meat with sauce. My dad is going to buy it. He’ll put some pepper on it and cook it in the microwave. We’ll have plain potatoes, oranges, pears and drink water. My mommy will make ice cream for dessert.

Caden Gates: My dad will make macaroni and cheese. He’ll put the macaroni and cheese in water and put it on the stove. Then it’s done. We’ll have bologna. For dessert we’ll have a meat and cheese sandwich.

Gunnar Smith: My mom will make the turkey. She will pull the feathers out and pull out all the skin and cook it and then it turns into meat. We’ll have bread, mashed potatoes, peas and ice cream for dessert. Dad will help make the dessert.

Trent Nightingale: For food we’ll have a Thanksgiving turkey—a toy one—plus one we eat. My mom makes the chicken. She puts pepper and salt on it. It tastes good when I eat it. It is put in the oven. My mom says 20 minutes. My mom says it’s almost done. When you put your hand close to the oven, it’s hot. The dessert I’m going to have is brownies.

Joanna Doda: We’ll have chicken, potatoes, apples, green beans. Mom puts the chicken in the microwave and puts it in for a long time. It’s kinda hot. We’ll have cake for dessert. Dad will make it. He’ll stir it and then put it in the oven. It’s good.

Lexton Hayes: Maybe we’ll have chicken noodle soup with carrots. Dad will make the soup. It’s just in a can. He puts it on the stove and cooks it hot. For dessert we’ll have apples. I like my apples cut up.


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