What’s happening in LS?

--nathanBy Marcie Klomp

The new Lime Springs City Council held its first meeting of the year on Jan. 7. All departments gave an update from the prior month.

Fire Department

New fire chief Nate Schwickerath said December and the first part of January were busy times. The department was on three calls and one community service.

“On the 10th (of December), nine guys showed up during the day for a semi in the ditch. We did traffic control. We have a lot of guys in town now. That same day, we had 10 guys show up for mutual aid for a fire in Granger, assisting Cresco.”

In January there was a call to help the state patrol.

“On Jan. 4, we picked up Christmas trees for residents, since the dump is closed. We got 9-10 trees. We’d be willing to continue to do that in the future,” the chief said.

On Jan. 5, the men were called to Hilltop Apartments. “We were short of help on that. Five guys showed up and used the new thermal imaging camera to see where the heat was. There was nothing that showed.”

He added he is working on some grant opportunities through Upper Explorerland.

Council approved Jason Munkel as a new volunteer firefighter. Schwickerath concluded, “We’ve actually got a number of younger guys. Jeff (Chief Wendel) in Chester will help us with FireFighter One classes.”


New president Jill Johnson gave the library’s report. She commented the board is looking for a new member. If interested, locals can contact Johnson or Librarian Janet DeVries.

The library had a booth at Christmas in Lime Springs. “Janet has tags of things needed so people can make donations. People were very generous.”

There were 549 patrons in November. In December, kindergartners carolled for patrons, and an afterschool fun event had 28 kids in attendance.

Mayor Barb Robinson, who has purchased materials and made soup for a benefit for the past couple years announced she wants to do something different as a fund-raiser. She was thinking of having an ice cream social or some other event to raise funds.

Community Center

The group did not meet in December.

Park and Pool

Sandra Chilson has resigned as board chairman. New board members are needed. Robinson noted the ordinance book says the “Park and Recreation” board has five members, serving three years. In the past a committee has voted on items.

The mayor and committee members have discussed keeping the pool, ball park and three parks under the same entity or separate them.

It was decided to keep the Park and Pool Board together and find five voting members, with lots of volunteers to help.

Other business

• No building permits were issued.

• One complaint letter was received regarding a van. A letter was sent to the owner.

• There are several non-working street lights. It was announced Alliant Energy owns the wooden poles. The city owns the metal ones. Several metal ones are not in working order. The one by the locker will be the first one to be fixed.

• Council decided to lease a printer from Riley’s Inc. out of New Hampton for a cost of $100 per month.

• More information is needed to make a decision on employee insurance.

• A budget work session was set for Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. Also to be discussed will be fixing fees to non-compliance of city code.

• Council gave $378.75 (75¢ per resident) to Community Action.

• Council donated $100 to Trees Forever.

• With the change of personnel, new credit cards will be issued to the clerk and fire department.

• A reminder was given that Howard County Community Foundation grants are due by Jan. 31.


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