Herald website is a hit

The editor of Lime Springs Herald, Marcie Klomp, was surprised to learn she had been “blogging” for four-and-a-half years as she put her front page stories from the paper on the paper’s website https://limespringsherald.wordpress.com/

“I am obviously not technologically-inclined,” she laughed. She may not feel comfortable embracing technology, but once she is shown how to do something, she catches on fairly quick.

That was the case when Lime Springs supporter Keith Williams helped her get a website going for the Herald in 2009. Since then Klomp has downloaded, or uploaded whatever the case may be, front page stories and obituaries to the site every week.

“Owner Dan Evans and I decided to only put front page items and obits on the website, otherwise, why would anyone want to purchase the paper?” Klomp commented.

Then she got an email from Williams telling her to check out 2013’s summary. Boy was she surprised. She found her “blog” was viewed about 61,000 times in 2013. In comparison, if it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, which seats 20,000 people, the blog would have had three sold-out performances!

Other numbers show that in 2013, there were 232 new posts with a total of 1,106. That is about 4.5 posts per week. There were also 156 pictures uploaded, or approximately three per week.

As the numbers show, many people from around the country and world have viewed the site since last year.

The Lime Springs Herald staff is happy that so many readers enjoy the paper online, but want to remind everyone there is more to the Herald than front-page stories. There is also Marcie’s Meanderings, Klomp’s perspective on life in general; Library Lines, which keeps everyone updated on what’s happening at the library; birthday and anniversary calendar; ads showing what local businesses are offering, along with ads from local non-profits for their special events; Howard County Extension news; locals from Lime Springs and Saratoga; plus other stories about life in and around Lime Springs.

If you’d like to order the paper, just call Klomp at 563-566-2687. Mention this article and get $10 off a new subscription! What a deal.


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