Fourth grade housed at LS-C in 2014-15

Howard-Winneshiek school board members took Superintendent John Carver’s recommendation of sending all fourth graders to Lime Springs-Chester Elementary starting with the 2014-15 year, for a total of three years.

In December, the board voted to consolidate all the grades from Cresco, Lime Springs and Elma. Currently, the K-8 building in Cresco cannot hold all the district’s students. Elma school was closed, and it was up for discussion if one or two whole grades would be bused to Lime Springs.

With the help of a committee of teachers and other staff, Carver decided fourth grade would work best. Fifth grade was looked at, but that grade is when students start band. H-W and Notre Dame students take band at the K-8, so it made more sense to keep that grade in Cresco.

Estimated fourth grade class sizes are 88 for 2014-15; 104 for 2015-16; and 68-70 for 2016-17. The district has committed to this three-year plan. After that, enrollment will make the decision to continue or to fold all grades into the K-8 building.


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