Take your sweetheart dancing

The annual Chester Firemen’s Dance is set for Feb. 15 at the Chester Community Center, starting at 8:00 until midnight. Bar Flyz Band will be performing. Admission is just $5.00.

There will be a silent auction from 8-11 with all sorts of cool items available. Usually the area businesses step up to offer a wide range of baskets, blankets and other fun stuff.

Also available will be the $20 raffle tickets where $10,000 will be given away! The Chester Fire Department and Partners in Progress are selling 1,000 tickets with 10 chances to win cash prizes. The grand prize will be $5,000. Everybody can find a place to spend that! Other prizes are one each of $2,500, $1,000, $750, $500, $100, $75, $50 and $25. Proceeds will be split between the fire department and community group.

Check out the slide show that will feature projects accomplished in Chester over the past few years.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking your honey to the dance and remember “the good old days.” Or maybe this is your first year together, and you want to make it part of your tradition. Either way, find a great place to have supper then head over to Chester for a night of fun and dancing!


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