Paint Our Pool

Remember when the deep end of the Lime Springs Pool was painted white? It’s been a while. The shallow end was painted blue a few years ago, but now the deep end is in need of paint.

By painting the bottom, it will make the lifeguards’ jobs easier. They will be able to see the bottom better and keep a better watch on those in the pool.

The total cost of the project could go as high as $8,000, but the board is hoping it will be less. Regardless, the pool needs your help!

To make things easy, donors can “purchase” a five-gallon bucket of paint for $500; a 2.5-gallon bucket for $250; a one-gallon bucket for $100; half-a-gallon for $50; and a quart for $25, although any dollar amount will be greatly appreciated. Please donate by April 1, so the board can start preparing for opening day!

Anyone who donates will get their name on a paper paint can that will displayed in the Lime Springs Herald office window.

Donations can be dropped at the Herald office, C US Bank-Lime Springs branch, City Hall or mailed to Lime Springs Pool, P.O. Box 296, Lime Springs, IA 52155.

Hopefully the pool gets a huge amount of support, and any extra money can be used for further updates.


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