LimeSprings Beef Welcomes gen. man.

Michael Spinks, general manager of LimeSprings Beef

Michael Spinks, general manager of LimeSprings Beef

LIME SPRINGS, IOWA — LimeSprings Beef LLC (LSB), a state-of-the-art, 25,125 square-foot beef processing facility with a focus on sustainable business practices, recently announced the appointment of Michael Spinks as the facility’s new general manager. The Lime Springs, Iowa based company aims to provide transparency to consumers about where their meat comes from and how it was raised.
Prior to joining LimeSprings Beef, Spinks was the vice president of operations and sales for OMP Foods in Rogers, Arkansas. Spinks also served as operations manager for Perdue Farms in Petersburg, West Virginia. Spinks’ executive responsibilities included direct oversight and leadership of all operational, sales, quality assurance, and human resources activities, as well as finance and accounting.

“We are very excited to have Michael on the team and our entire board has full confidence that he possesses the hands-on experience needed to manage a start-up.,” said Founder, Jesse Stevens. With the addition of Spinks to the company’s leadership, Stevens will be stepping into the role of Chairman of the Board and relinquishing all operational responsibilities. “Michael brings 22 years of experience to LimeSprings Beef. He has all the skills needed to launch this business successfully, and his sales and marketing experience will be a major asset.”

When asked what excites him most about joining the LSB team, Spinks says, “LimeSprings Beef has an opportunity to become a leader in the industry by providing customers and consumers the ability to be more closely connected to the food they consume. We are uniquely positioned with the support of local producers, community, and the physical design of our facility to produce offerings that others in the beef industry simply cannot compete with. I am very pleased to be a part of something like this early in its development”.

Spinks’ enthusiasm for LimeSprings Beef’s mission and its sustainability commitment is palpable. “My goal as General Manager is to increase the opportunities for local producers to profitably market their beef. We plan on accomplishing this by having a diverse marketing strategy which gives the producer the ability to produce beef according to several different growth and feeding protocols, allowing the farmer to concentrate on what they believe gives them the best return for their investment. We will accomplish this through a transparent supply chain which will give the consumer those same choices about the food they consume”.

Spinks has a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Arkansas, and additional training in Lean Manufacturing and Developing Strategic Leadership.


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