H.C. Community Foundation awards grants

Howard County, Iowa—The Howard County Community Foundation held its grant awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 9 at the Lime Spring Community Center.

Dawn Fairbanks, chair of HCCF, greeted the large crowd attending. Snacks and beverages were provided.

Jamar Thompson, Affiliate Development Director of Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, commented, “There was $199,250 requested for grants from Howard County with $95,550 being given. There were 58 applications submitted with 53 getting some funding.”

The 2014 grant recipients and projects are as follows:
Chester: Community Center Lighting—$2,500; Park Playground Equipment—$3,000; and Personal Protective Gear (fire department)—$3,000

Cresco: HCBT – Cresco Downtown Bike Racks—$950; Hwy. 9 Flower Pots—$1,750; Cresco Police Department National Night Out 2014—$800; Technical Rope Rescue Equipment (fire department)—$3,000; Notre Dame Church, AED—$1,850

Elma: Elma Flags (Legion #597)—$400; Digital Community Sign Board (Bridge Org.)—$3,000; Elma Park Entertainment Stage—$3,000; Technology Tools & Children Section Improvements (library)—$2,600; School Museum Renovation Project—$3,000

Howard County: 2014 Red Cross Blood Drive Rent Fees—$200; Emergency Services – Save the Day (Tri-States Red Cross)—$1,100; Shelter and Housing Assistance—$500; 21st Century Technology/Wisdom and Wellness—$3,000; Helping Services “It Takes a Village Project”—$500; SAFARI into the Land of the Headwaters-Howard County—$1,750; Howard County Conversation Board, Hunter Education Program – Equipment Acquisition—$2,000; Develop a drop off for community betterment—$500; Natural Outdoor Playground (Kessel Kids)—$500; Howard County Milk House project (fairgrounds)—$1,625; NE Iowa Commuter Route Service—$1,000; NICC Collaborative Learning Redesign—$950; Mobile Food Pantry—$3,000; Prairie Springs XC groomer—$500; RHSHC Revitalization 2014—$3,000; Weatherization/Handicapped, Accessibility Updates—$500; Smart Boards Project for Turkey Valley Community School District— $500

Howard-Winneshiek School District: Preschool Classroom SMARTboard—$1,050; Cresco Wisdom and Wellness—$1,250; Coding and Robots for Fourth Grade—$1,500; Natural Outdoor Playground—$1,500

Lime Springs: Lime Springs Public Library – Cake pans/Entertainer—$225; Kitchen Park Improvement Project—$1,500; Ball Park Improvements—$2,750; Lime Springs Community Center Handicap Accessible Door Opener—$2,950; Lime Springs Pool Filter System—$3,000; Lime Springs Fire Dept. Turnout Gear Replacement—$3,000; Lime Springs Children’s Theatre for Troupe/Lights and Costumes—$500; Spring Ahead Learning Center for play equipment—$3,000

Protivin: Promoting Recycling in the City of Protivin—$2,500; Purchase SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for fire department)—$3,000; Czech Culture Czech Days—$500; Portability of Technology in Education—$2,500

Riceville: Technology increase (library)—$2,200; Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, AED—$1,600; Drinking Fountain for Riceville City Park—$1,200; Welcome to Riceville Community Sign-Phase 1—$1,800; Riceville Community Digital Sign—$3,000; Riceville Daycare Equipment—$3,000

Each representative accepting a check spoke a little about their project. Jim Truka, who received money for an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), for Notre Dame Parish, joked, “If anyone has been afraid of attending church because of a heart attack, the Catholics will have you covered.” This was in response to the fact that Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Riceville also received money for an AED!
All those receiving funds were appreciative of the board for their hard work in doling out money to deserving non-profits.
Members of the 2014 committee include Fairbanks, chair, Jeff Burnikel, Shirley Ferguson, Wayne Kerian, Mike Ludeking, Mark Meirick, Larry Norby, Libby Schwade, Brad Shatek, Dave Sovereign and Dick Wagoner.

For more information on the grants program of CFNEIA and its affiliates, contact Angie Shaffer, Program Associate at the CFNEIA administrative office, at 319-287-9106.


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