Drug pick-up in Lime Springs, Howard County on Saturday

Sheriff Mike Miner will be collecting old/unused drugs at various spots around How. Cty. on April 26.

Sheriff Mike Miner will be collecting old/unused drugs at various spots around How. Cty. on April 26.

In an effort to help prevent and reduce the risk of drug abuse in Howard County, the Sheriff’s Department will again be hosting a Prescription Drug Drop-Off Saturday morning, April 26 around the county.

• Lime Springs City Hall, 201 Center Street, from 10-10:20 a.m.

• Chester City Hall, 302 Main Street, from 10:45-11 a.m.

• Elma Fire Station, 107 Orchard Street, from 11-11:20 a.m.

• Riceville Fire Station, 106 Walnut Street, from 10 a.m. until noon

• Protivin Fire Station, 132 Larson Avenue, from 10-10:20 a.m.

“It’s a national program to get prescription drugs not being used in households off the streets,” Sheriff Mike Miner explained. “We’ve been doing this about five years. Last year, we collected 89 pounds of outdated drugs from around the county and 47 pounds from Cresco.”

The 89 pounds breaks down to Lime Springs—18 pounds; Elma—15; Chester—10; Protivin—26; and Riceville—20.

For your safety and privacy:

• Keep all substances in original containers.

• All liquid containers must be sealed in leak-proof, clear plastic bags.

• Mark out identifying information on bottles.

• Unidentified medications will be accepted. No questions asked.

The Sheriff’s Department will accept:

• Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications including: vitamins, supplements and herbals

• Needles, sharps and syringes with needles in puncture proof containers

• Aerosols or pressurized containers

Partners in the drop-off are the Northeast Iowa Drug Task Force, Helping Services for Northeast Iowa and the Howard County Substance Abuse Coalition.


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