Is High Speed Internet Connect Important?

By Keith Williams, Lime Springs native
Several from the Lime Springs area are active in Howard County’s activity with the Connect Iowa project. They have invited me to join the group to, hopefully, bring high speed internet to Lime Springs.

Tuesday (April 15) morning’s Cedar Rapids Gazette had an article about upcoming higher speeds for some Cedar Rapids residents. The article caused me to think of my hometown and the possibilities high speed internet might have for its residents and businesses.

By the way, if you want to check your speed, just go to then click “Begin Test.” Mine came out to 25 Mbps. That’s plenty fast for what I do. Down in Texas my speed was often less than 1 Mbps. That’s too slow for my taste these days. It’s too slow for watching YouTube videos, for example.

The article in the Gazette announced a speed increase for Mediacom customers who are currently paying for their highest offering, 105 Mbps. That speed will soon be increased to 305 Mbps, a 3X increase! That speed will be 12 times what I am experiencing now! As an example, the new top speed will allow download of a high-definition movie in less than one minute!

Why is this important? Here are some reasons mentioned in the article:

CR Mayor Ron Corbett said, “…it will help make sure the area doesn’t fall behind technologically.”

CR’s City Manager said regarding technological infrastructure, “…one of the central questions that employers looking to move to Cedar Rapids or to expand here ask about. It’s absolutely vital for our city… .” and “…305 is helping Cedar Rapids stay on the cutting edge of technology.”

“Connectivity helps drive innovation and success not only for businesses in Iowa, but for individuals,” stated Nick Wagner, commissioner on the Iowa Utilities Board.

The article mentioned that in five years, most households would need 305 Mbps service because of multiple users and multiple digital devices in each home. High speed results in increased capacity, which will clearly be needed in the future.

Understandably, the article focuses on Iowa’s second largest city, Cedar Rapids. But what about Lime Springs and the other cities in Howard County?

The same things are true for us. If we want to attract new businesses to the area and new families to Lime Springs, high speed internet will increasingly be a significant factor.

Today, many businesses can be located anyplace in the world which has adequate connection to the internet. I recently spoke to a website designer in Lanesboro. He pointed out that his business could be located anyplace there was internet, and he chose Lanesboro.

I dream of the day when some business —a software company, a web designer, a company which provides computer support— will open up shop in one of the empty buildings in Lime Springs.

The city needs to be ready to welcome new businesses and people with space, water, sewer, electricity, and adequate high speed internet connection.

Let’s be ready for them! Please support the Connect Iowa project!


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