A-23 paving work to begin tentatively at end of July

A-23 from Lime Springs to Cresco will be closed in July for roadwork. Do you think it’s needed?

A-23 from Lime Springs to Cresco will be closed in July for roadwork. Do you think it’s needed?

By Marcie Klomp

During a preconstruction meeting on May 15, Tom Schmitt of Croell stated work on A-23 and V-58 (the Granger blacktop) is scheduled to begin at the end of July.

Most interested parties had a representative at the meeting, held at the Howard County Engineer’s office including, supervisors, contractors, subcontractors, the mayor of Lime Springs and county employees.

Also present were representatives from sheriff’s office, ambulance service and fire chief for Lime Springs. Emergency personnel need to know how they will get to houses without going on the blacktop.

The end of July is about as close as a person can get when the start date is two months out. As with any project, that is tentative and dependent on weather and other projects the company has on the books.

The late start date is June 9. Engineer Nick Rissman explained, “The contractor does not have to begin work on this date, it is just when we start charging working days if they haven’t started. On this particular project, the contractor has 80 working days to complete the project. If they go over the 80 working days, they pay liquidated damages for each day over.”
The road will be closed to all but local traffic from beginning until end of the project.

Jesse Delaney of Bruening, who is doing the milling or grinding up the present asphalt, said it would take three weeks to finish their part of the project.
Rissman estimated, “The county will be keeping a couple hundred tons of millings for maintenance purposes. The rest of the millings, about 40,000 tons, will become property of the contractor.”

The actual paving will begin mid-August. The work is tentatively scheduled to begin in Lime Springs and head east to the plant (yet to be determined). It would then start again in Cresco and meet in the middle at the plant.
The work in Lime Springs will start at the intersection of N. Miller and E. Jackson.

The town of Cresco is also continuing the paving of V-58 from the city limits to Highway 9. The hope is to begin that project at the beginning of June.

Schmitt said Croell could probably lay over a mile a day. “We’ll have 2,800 yards daily output and can go 6,000-6,500 feet per day.”

Rissman noted the new pavement will be 22-feet wide (same as currently) with three-feet of granular shoulders on each side.
A difference from the current road will be a three-foot pavement addition to the inside of each of the three curves. There will also be a foot or two of granular shoulders.

The most frustrating part of the job, Schmitt admitted, was locals who take down barricades. He was adamant that Croell will prosecute if someone leaves tracks in the concrete before it is dry. “Last year there was an $85,000 incident and a $50,000 incident.”

The County will be putting dust control along the detour route in consideration of the residents along the gravel roads.
Work should be completed by October.
Rissman said the project was bid at $3,378,898.75 with $1.5 million paid from TIF and the rest through the Farm-to-Market account.

As a side note, it was mentioned the traffic count on the road varies from 1,370 vehicles per day near Cresco and falls by half, to 660 per day, closer to Lime Springs.

Lime Springs Herald will try to inform you when work is to begin closer to the actual start date.


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