End of year celebration

--classMay 22, 2014 was a time of celebration for the preschoolers at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary. They participated in an end-of-year celebration where they sang some fun songs and watched a video of all they did over the school year with their family and friends. During the program, they told the audience what they want to be when they grow up. Teacher Mrs. Marr quipped, “I don’t even know what they will say. It changes every time!”
Members of the class and their future professions included, in front, Emma Gorter (something to do with babies), Makayla Praska (life guard), Harley Fisher (artist), Lear Clubb (scientist and cop), Alexandra Knutson (cop and life guard) and Shalynn Munkel (doctor). Back: Kaelen Balvanz (farmer), Owen Smith (motorcycle guy), Landon Kaski (cop), Elias Eiffler (farmer), Madalyn Fritcher-Larson (teacher), Bryleigh Slavin (dancer) and Kelsey Adams (tooth fairy). Not pictured was Josie Bowen.


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