War dead honored at area programs

Hugh Seaton wanted to play ‘Taps’ at Pleasant Hill in honor of Grandpa Harold Munkel. (More on back)

Hugh Seaton wanted to play ‘Taps’ at Pleasant Hill in honor of Grandpa Harold Munkel. (More on back)















By Marcie Klomp

“What are your plans for the three-day weekend? It’s a common question on the Thursday or Friday before Memorial Day. Lime Springs Legion Commander Jim Thomas was asked that question by a coworker, he told the crowd gathered for the program on Monday after a wonderful performance by Crestwood Marching Band.

He took that as a time to spread the good word about the meaning behind the holiday. “I have big plans. On Saturday three to four of us will put flags on the graves of veterans at the cemetery. Then we’ll check to make sure Flanders Field has been set up at the cemeteries.”

His friend didn’t know that Flander’s Field referred to World War I European battlefields, where many soldiers were buried.
Thomas continued, “I told him on Sunday the family places some more flags. Then on Memorial Day, the Legion members go to three cemeteries for a program and then the program in the Community Center.

“He looked at me and said, ‘That sucks,’” Thomas said. His friend was going to go fishing and drinking and just have a good time.

“You’d think one day out of the year, we can honor those who gave so much. Please teach your children well,” Thomas concluded as he looked over the audience.

The commander then saluted the Legion members who took part in the ceremonies. “I salute you guys.”

Of the Legion Auxiliary, he stated. “You’ve done a lot of community service.” To those gathered he explained, “They were forced to give up their charter [because of low numbers]. I salute them as well.”

Thomas introduced Methodist Pastor Melanie Greengo as the speaker. She said it was an honor and privilege to speak. She noted, “For 10 years I was a Navy wife. My husband was deployed overseas twice. He sacrificed a lot. Our family sacrificed a lot. We were lucky to have our soldier come back . . . forever changed, but intact.”

She continued to praise those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and their families.

A group sing was held throughout the program. Afterwards, many went to the ceremony at Pleasant Hill near Flander’s Field. Other attended the event at Chester Hill Cemetery or Saetersdal Cemetery.


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