Elma group implores H-W to allow busing in town

By Marcie Klomp

“We have four districts closer than [Howard-Winneshiek],” said Elma resident Erin Ludwig at the school board meeting on June 9, which happened to be in Elma. She along with others have been asking school board members and Supt. John Carver to consider allowing other buses to cross the “line” and pick up kids at the Elma Early Childhood Center (EECC).

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School board already looking at 2014-2015 school year

Principal Tim Felderman discusses Competency Based Education at the latest School Board meeting. (Submitted)

Principal Tim Felderman discusses Competency Based Education at the latest School Board meeting. (Submitted)

By Marcie Klomp

Tim Felderman, 7-12 principal at Howard-Winneshiek, gave a report on Competency Based Education, which is slowly being implemented in the district.

Board members learned at their June 9 meeting in Elma the future of education will be advancing students on their proficiency or understanding of topics and classes, not on a “grade” system.
Felderman and several other staff visited a school in New Hampshire this spring and saw CBE in action.

“Why change to Competency Based Education?,” the principal asked. “It makes students take ownership and think on their own.”

CBE also uses a non-traditional learning environment. He said students will be able to go into accounting firms or Donaldson’s and see how what they are learning transfers to the real world.
Change is welcome by the students. He was wowed when a student said, “We can’t change the attitude [of learning] until we change the culture [of learning].”

Felderman will be visiting communities in the district to explain CBE, which will be in place by 2016-17 school year.

• In other business at the meeting, Brian Hilsabeck was introduced as the new Director of Student Services: Citizenship and Activities. Sarah Grimm, who took over for Shirley Sovereign as Pre-K – 1 Principal/Director of Teaching and Learning, was also introduced to the crowd.

• The school board went against the recommendation of Supt. John Carver to allow families who turned in their papers late for open enrollment to let them open enroll out.

Board member Duane Bodermann said, “Not only did they miss a deadline, they missed another deadline.” He was referring to missing the March 1 deadline to ask permission. The district then gave them another chance to get in touch and they missed the deadline on that as well.

James Kitchen added, “It’s policy. We stood pretty strong on policy earlier in the evening (when talking about allowing other buses into Elma).”

Karlos McClure concluded, “It’s easy for me. They didn’t follow policy.”

The vote to allow the families to enroll out was Doug Berg, aye. McClure, Bodermann and Kitchen, nay. Board President Scott Fortune was not present.

• In personnel changes, a part-time maintenance job went to full-time; an assistant mechanic was added; Meg Meirick was terminated as classroom associate at Elma; resignations were approved for Mary Stevenson (associate), Kyle McCarville (9th grade boys basketball), Sue Russell (7th grade volleyball), Mike Adams (assistant wrestling) and Sue Mahoney (ELL); hired were Hilsabeck, Rick Meisner (high school special education), Kirstin Johnson (high school math) and Sue Russell (head varsity volleyball); and a 30 percent decrease in duties for Clint Farlinger and 30 percent increase for Robyn Lane.

• Board members approved the required Lau Plan for serving English Language Learners (ELL) as presented by Sovereign.
The Lau (ELL) Plan, so named from the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1974 decision in Lau v. Nichols, requires the development of a plan to address the specific language instruction education needs should it become necessary to provide such services.

• The Glencoe math program from 6-8 was approved by board members.

• Administrative employee compensation was approved.
The next meeting will be July 14, at Crestwood High School, at 7 p.m.

Chester Tractor Pull

Jared Gragert took first in a couple pulls.

Jared Gragert took first in a couple pulls.

The weather was perfect for the annual Old Settlers Day Tractor Pull on June 14. The pull was held between CHS and Chester Fire Station. It featured Farm Stock, Sportsmans and Powder Puff classes. They ranged in weight from 4,000-12,500 pounds.

This year’s pull was chaired by Mike Bielefeld and Gary Sunnes and had 73 hooks.

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Donald O. Dahly, 90, Riceville

--Dahly Donald front cover scan 2Donald O. Dahly, age 90, Riceville, Iowa passed away at Hospice of North Iowa in Mason City, Iowa surrounded by his family on Sunday, June 15, 2014.

Funeral services were held on Friday, June 20, at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Charles City, Iowa with Rev. Jane Keel and Rev. Linda Prestholt officiating. Burial was in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Lime Springs, Iowa.

Donald was born in York, Minn. on June 6, 1924, the only child to Laura (March) and Ole Dahly. Donald was baptized at Saetersdal Lutheran Church near their family farm northeast of Lime Springs, Iowa. He was confirmed at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Lime Springs. Continue reading

Jessie Eyestone, 98, Riceville

--Jessie EyestoneJessie Walker Lauman Eyestone has gone to be with her Lord and Savior March 31, 2014 in Magnolia, Texas. Jessie was born June 1, 1915 to Dr. T.S. and Jessie Hannah Farnham Walker of Riceville, Iowa. She was preceded in death by her husband, Bernard Eyestone and four brothers, Dr. Thomas Gordon, Donald, Robert and Douglas; one sister, Margaret; and W.T. Lauman Jr.
Her father, Dr. Thomas Samuel Walker, was the town physician, as was his father Dr. Hugh Thomas Walker before him. Jessie’s brother, Dr. T.G. (Tink) Walker, took over the practice from his father in Riceville. Growing up she enjoyed her pony, golf and tennis. She won the County Tennis Championship while at Riceville High.

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Breakfast is kickoff to capital campaign

By Marcie Klomp
The first of several events showcasing Lime Springs Fire Department is happening this weekend with a Father’s Day Omelet Breakfast.

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No fireworks in City limits

By Marcie Klomp
An issue on Lime Springs City Council’s agenda that was first raised a year ago was handily resolved at the June 3 meeting. Councilman Kevin Bill made the motion of “No permits for fireworks on private property will be allowed inside City limits.” The other council members agreed.

For several years a resident had been getting permission from the County, which led council to believe the permit was the supervisors’ decision. Turns out, Howard County didn’t realize the resident lived within the limits of Lime Springs, making it a City matter.

• In other business Public Works Director Casey Sebastian said water accountability continues to get better. Lately, the town uses approximately 200,000 gallons of water in three days. About six weeks prior it was close to $125,000 per day.

The City has been purchasing new water meters for homes and businesses. This is to replace some meters that are way over their life expectancy. The new meters will also be capable of remote access to read them. The benefit of this is that by checking them periodically during the month, leaks will be noticed, and home owners can be told of a possible problem, rather than all of a sudden getting a $500 water bill on a single household.

• Lime Springs did not get a $300,000 CDBG (Community Development Block Grant), which would have helped with the sewer project. City Engineer George Tekippe offered, “I would encourage you to find out now where we lost points and, with that, look at resubmitting this fall. I’ve seen where it wasn’t given the first year, but it was given the second year.”

Tekippe then spoke about a generator at the wastewater plant. When the new system goes in, a generator is required. At that point, the City’s generator could then be used at the community center.

Permits were submitted for the well improvement project.
• Sebastian was happy to inform council that some of the practices he has been slowing putting into place are paying off. “Sunday night, the Lime Springs well called me and Ed [Hampe]. We met at the well at midnight.”

A surge possibly tripped a breaker during the June 1 storms. The guys were able to get the well working without anyone knowing there had been a problem. “The dialer called. It worked like it was supposed to. The only people who knew about it were me and Ed.”

• A dissolved oxygen and pH meter will be purchased with billing to be in the new fiscal year. It is a required piece of equipment for the water department.

• Attorney Kevin Schoeberl went over the 28E agreement with Howard County Sheriff Dept. and found a few areas the City would like changed. Mayor Barb Robinson will talk these changes over with Sheriff Mike Miner.

• A complaint letter was received on an unlicensed vehicle in the boulevard on the north side of the former Tank & Tummy.
Another letter was received about a tree that was cut down.

Seventy percent of the tree was on the owners property, rather than the boulevard. The City paid entirely for having it removed. The owner wants to be compensated.

Bill stated, “It was a safety hazard.” The complaint will be sent to the attorney.

• All council members, except Bill, voted to protest an unemployment claim.

• The dump will be open on June 14 and 28 this month from 8-noon.

• Building permits were issued to Jason Munkel for a deck and to rebuild a shed and to Julian Mueller for a fence and cement driveway.

• The liquor license for KCDs was approved.

• The Dam Bar was asking permission to put up a sign that hangs over the sidewalk. Councilperson Jimmy Miller noted when he had the bar, he was told any signs had to be against the wall for liability reasons. Council did not act on the request.

• Council will be meeting on June 17 at 7 p.m. for employee evaluations. After that, the regular council meeting will be July 1.

Construction update

--bridge-06-05-14• The proper name of that metal thingy is cofferdam. According to County Engineer Nick Rissman, it is for the construction of the north pier to the bridge at Lidtke. “This allows the contractor to work inside the cofferdam, under a more dry condition with use of water pumps. Their plan is to work on the north pier this week as well as start construction on the dirt work for the trial portion of the project.”
• Rissman also commented on upcoming work on the Granger road. “The survey crew will be out there this week to set control. You will see a lot of wooden lathe or stakes along the road.” He added that unfortunately it doesn’t indicate a timeline for closure for the beginning of construction.
• Culverts have been getting improved along Hwy. 9 in preparation for repaving from Davis Corners to Riceville City Limits.

Instead of chicken, doing omelets for Father’s Day

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, in Lime Springs, the chicken came first, but it is the egg that is bringing up the rear . . . so to speak.

For years the Boy Scouts have done a chicken barbecue for Father’s Day. Since there is no longer a local Scout troop, the Lime Springs Fire Department opted to go a different route to keep Dad fed—omelets.

Get ready to be stuffed! Serving is from 7-12 on Father’s Day, June 15 at the community center.

It’s practically a full restaurant menu with eggs any way you want them—scrambled, regular or omelet, County Line sausage, hash browns, pancakes, toast, milk, orange juice and coffee.

This year, you might have to change your tradition a little and take Dad out for breakfast instead of lunch. That’s okay, since it gives Dad the rest of the day to take a nap, go fishing or just hang out with family.

Will ‘Gather at the River’ —Ecumenical Church is June 15

Lime Springs and area will “Gather at the River” for the 37th Annual Ecumenical Father’s Day Worship Service, held at the bandstand at Lidtke Mill, on June 15, starting at 10:30. Every denomination is welcome to join in this celebration of worship and of fathers.

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