Breakfast is kickoff to capital campaign

By Marcie Klomp
The first of several events showcasing Lime Springs Fire Department is happening this weekend with a Father’s Day Omelet Breakfast.

The department is kicking off a capital campaign to purchase a new or solid used pumper truck. The current front line pumper is over 25 years old, a 1987 Smeal Pumper with a Chevy chassis. Chief Nathan Schwickerath said, “While it has served us very well over the last 10 years, it has outlived its useful life and is beyond the National Fire Protection Association’s recommended life span of fire trucks.”

That means a replacement is needed. The local department wants to provide the community with the protection it deserves, which the new truck will give.

Besides the Father’s Day breakfast, the department is sending out letters to anyone in the 52155 postal code with a letter explaining the need for a new truck. Another fund-raiser will be a Firemen’s Dance on July 26 and another omelet breakfast on Sweet Corn Sunday (taking place of the Boy Scout omelet breakfast).

The goal of the department is to raise $125,000 over the next year. Donations can be given at City Hall or to any firefighter, and all donations are tax deductible.

The Lime Springs Fire Department is 100 percent volunteer and currently boasts 17 members. Fifteen are FireFighter 1 certified, with six of those being FireFighter II (the highest level for a firefighter).

Members of the campaign committee are Mayor Barb Robinson, councilman Kevin Bill and firefighters Casey Sebastian, Mike Leverson and Nate Widell.

When thinking about donating, remember what our local firefighters are willing to risk for you and your family. How can you repay that unselfishness? Watch for upcoming events in Lime Springs Herald.


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