Construction update

--bridge-06-05-14• The proper name of that metal thingy is cofferdam. According to County Engineer Nick Rissman, it is for the construction of the north pier to the bridge at Lidtke. “This allows the contractor to work inside the cofferdam, under a more dry condition with use of water pumps. Their plan is to work on the north pier this week as well as start construction on the dirt work for the trial portion of the project.”
• Rissman also commented on upcoming work on the Granger road. “The survey crew will be out there this week to set control. You will see a lot of wooden lathe or stakes along the road.” He added that unfortunately it doesn’t indicate a timeline for closure for the beginning of construction.
• Culverts have been getting improved along Hwy. 9 in preparation for repaving from Davis Corners to Riceville City Limits.


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