Five-year-old killed in horse/buggy accident

Five-year-old Marvin Gingrich of the Amish community was killed Monday evening, June 9, around 5:30 when the buggy in which his grandfather, Chrissie Gingrich, was driving went over a bridge. The horse and buggy was northbound on Yankee Ave., north of Cresco, when a pickup passed on the gravel road.

Sheriff Mike Miner said somehow the horse got spooked and the driver lost control.

The horse broke through a wooden barricade on a bridge and horse and buggy fell 10 feet. The driver and another passenger were uninjured. The horse was put down.

In another Howard County accident, on June 9, 14-year-old Timothy J. Pecinovsky was traveling East on 195th St., northwest of Protivin, around 8:06 a.m., when he took a sip of pop. He went into the ditch and rolled over. He was taken to Regional Health Services and then airlifted to a larger hospital. He had non-life-threatening injuries.


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  1. The horse was killed because it got spooked? Harsh.

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