Council updated on city matters

Michael Spinks and Jesse Stevens of LimeSprings Beef.

Michael Spinks and Jesse Stevens of LimeSprings Beef.

By Marcie Klomp
Jesse Stevens, president of LimeSprings Beef introduced Michael Spinks, general manager, to the Lime Springs Council at their July 1 meeting.

“Construction is making progress,” Spinks said. “We are looking at a fall start date. In three to four weeks, we’ll get a better handle on it. Definitely late fall or early winter.”

The manager was asked if he found a home yet and answered his daughter is a senior in high school. So he will be doing the long distance job commute.

• In other business, Fire Chief Nate Schwickerath gave his department’s report, stating “The Father’s Day breakfast served 286 plates. We’ve had very good feed back from that, especially with the extensive menu. We’re planning on the same thing for Sweet Corn Days.”

He went on to say the town’s celebration on Sunday will be very busy, as the department will be washing streets, doing the breakfast, serving brats and going through the parade.
Schwickerath added he was asking that no silly string be sold as that is hard to clean up.

Councilman Kevin Bill asked if the streets were swept was it easier to clean? The chief answered, “Yes!” Bill offered to have a sweeper available for fire department use.

Letters should have found their way to everyone with a Lime Springs address, asking for help with the fire department’s capital campaign in getting a new truck.

The June 16 storm was mentioned. The fire department was out on storm watch when a call came in about sparks coming from the Michael Leverson (one of the firefighters) home. Other residents who looked like they sustained damage were also checked on.
Through grants and special funds, the fire department was able to purchase four new coats, six bunker pants and two pairs of boots.

Adam Munkel was approved to be a firefighter.

• Jill Johnson reported the library will have Bingo on Sunday as well as Saturday during Sweet Corn Days. This was by request of patrons. Board members will also be selling pizza and pop out of the community center.

The library was to sponsor a magician on July 8 at the community center with everyone in the area invited.
May saw 630 people visit the library.

• The community center is looking for a new cleaning person.

• Casey Sebastian (Certified Pool Operator—CPO and Public Works Director) told council members the pool inspector has been called and will check out the facility in the next couple weeks.
Marcie Klomp added the pool has not been as busy as the board would like because of the cool and rainy weather.

• Most of the grants for Brown and Kitchen Parks and the ball park have been fulfilled.

Softball has been going well. The first-year coaches, along with the entire area, have been battling rain. Several games have been rescheduled.

• Sebastian and Ed Hampe have been trading out more meter readers. Some of the oldest meters were installed in the 1980s. So far, 35 have been traded out and 10 of those have radio read. “We are reading those meters 300-600 ft. away,” Sebastian explained. Having them read remotely is less time-consuming as there are no errors. The town has between 250-260 meters, so there is a ways to go on replacing them.

The duo have made a list of the oldest meters and are replacing the ones of those that are labor intensive to read first.
“The billing project is going through some growing pains,” Sebastianstated. He added that comparing June 2013 and June 2014, the town used half-a-million gallons of water less this year.

Plantpeddler is purchasing a few of the used meters that were tested for $20 each. The rest will be scrapped.

• Council discussed the purchase of a new dissolved oxygen and pH meter. City Engineer George Tekippe confirmed it was a requirement. Sebastian was authorized to make the order.

• Tekippe talked about the RISE grant received by the town for paving the gravel road in front of LimeSprings Beef. He also mentioned the DNR permits required. He will get together with Jason Passmore, the mayor and a bond attorney to discuss costs.
Bids will be let for the project with the bid opening set for 11 a.m. on Aug. 5. The public hearing for the awarding of the contract will take place later that day, during the next council meeting.

• City Clerk Rhonda Klapperich was working with Upper ExplorerLand on an ordinance for licensing dogs. It will be read at the next meeting. Klapperich is also working on ordinances for firework and golf cart permits.

• Building permits were approved for Darcy Moser for sidewalk repair; Dennis Hammon for a deck; Tom Payton for a dog pen, concrete and repair of foundation; and Johnson Comfort Systems for sidewalk work.

• A complaint letter was received for a dog running at large. A letter was sent along with a notice to obey the nuisance law.
• Employees will be reimbursed for up to $35 per day for food when on training.

• If a company wants some water pumped into a tank, it will cost $10 for a base fee plus $1.00 per 100 gallons.

• The next meeting will be Aug. 5 at 7 p.m. at the community center. As always, the public is encouraged to attend.


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