Statue in memory of DeRuiters

“Four children walking on a log to school”

“Four children walking on a log to school”

By Marcie Klomp
A new bronze statue has been added to Lime Springs just in time for Sweet Corn Days! “Four children walking on a log to school” by Ken Ross is sitting in a place of honor in VanderBie Park in memory of Arnie and Betty DeRuiter.

Last year, the “Three on a slide” statue was placed in the park by Junior Community Club and Ann VanderBie Stevenson. The corner is where VanderBie Hardware (1928-1977), Ross Hardware (1977-1983) and DeRuiter Hardware (1983-2000) stood before the Sweet Corn Days fire of 2000.

The DeRuiters’ children, Mark, Janet (Smith) and Craig, purchased the statue to dedicate to their parents, long-time supporters of their adopted town of 45 or so years.

Janet said, “When Mom died (March 15, 2011), Dad wanted to put up a bronze statue in her memory, by the school or Brown or Kitchen Park. Then the year got away from him and he passed away (March 23, 2012).
“We decided we needed to put something together. They loved Lime Springs.”

Putting up a statue with children fit right in with their parents as Betty taught school for many years and Arnie could never pass a kid by without teasing him or her and making them feel special.

“We wanted to do something in their memory. They dedicated their lives to Lime Springs and loved kids,” Janet added.

The cute statue is a great tribute to a couple who continue to be remembered with fondness and smiles. Future generations of children will enjoy the bronze statue that represents what Lime Springs is all about—giving and caring.


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