City hiring financial advisor

By Marcie Klomp

The Council of Lime Springs voted to hire Speer Financial of Waterloo as financial advisor for the City at its Aug. 5 meeting

Before the vote, Mayor Barb Robinson explained, “We need to figure out where we’ll get money for the sewer plant, LimeSprings Beef Innovation Drive and other projects. We need to get a financial advisor in here ASAP to figure where we’re at. We need money, whether it be through bonding or selling cookies on Highway 63!”

It will take a lot of cookies to pay for all the projects Lime Springs is expecting to tackle in the next few years.

• $2.5 million approximately for sewer

• $474,215 for RISE improvements to Innovation Drive

• $91,108 for roadwork on A-23 (from intersection of N. Miller and E. Jackson to city limits east of town)

• $74,000 (approximately) for radio-read meters

• $69,400 for well house

That makes a total of about $3.2 million.

Bids for Innovation Drive, the road in front of LimeSprings Beef, were awarded at the meeting. Wicks Construction of Decorah came in 13 percent under the Fehr Graham Engineering estimate. Concrete Foundations, Inc. of New Hampton was only three percent under the estimate. Council is going with Wicks.


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