Mayor taking leave of absence

Ashley and Ethan Kraft show the 5K Run/Walk to Council persons Brian Johnson and Leann Thomas.

Ashley and Ethan Kraft show the 5K Run/Walk to Council persons Brian Johnson and Leann Thomas.

By Marcie Klomp

Mayor Barb Robinson informed Lime Springs City Council she was taking a three-month leave of absence for health reasons. Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Bill will be in charge from September through November.

• In other business, former Mayor Walter McIntosh read a letter at the meeting during open forum. It was the same letter printed in Lime Springs Herald. McIntosh is concerned about erratic driving of four wheelers and golf carts on City Streets. “If it saves one life to put it in the paper, it was worth it,” he advised.

• The department heads gave their respective reports.
Fire Chief Nate Schwickerath said the department was busy getting ready for Sweet Corn Days by washing streets and working in food booths. Robinson added, “We’re in super fund-raising mode to get a new truck. It’s been going very well.”

Jill Johnson reported the Library was having Bingo on Sunday, in addition to Saturday, and also serving pizzas on both days.

Michelle Hrdlicka and Makayla Gates were hired as cleaning crew at the Community Center.

Marcie Klomp reported the Pool and Parks Board has appointed a committee to put down on paper rules and regulations. That group was also working hard on its fund-raisers over the celebration weekend. “The pool is closing on Sunday of Sweet Corn Days, as is usual,” she concluded.

• Casey Sebastian, Public Works Director, has been concentrating on the accountability of water usage since he started nearly two years ago. It has been steadily improving. Part of that is getting new water meters for more accurate readings. Council voted to purchase more units.
Currently 53 meters are online to be read by radio.

Sebastian noted, “Every town in the state of Iowa got a letter stating two chlorine tests were to be taken 365 days a year.”

Robinson spoke up, “We need to do something. Casey needs family time. Maybe we can go together with other small towns and see if different workers could do all the towns one weekend a month. We’ll see if the other towns want to play.”

There are about 14 customers who are given a shut-off notice each month, which is time consuming for city workers who place the notices on doors.

“We have to do something with the habitual offenders. The bank doesn’t let you get away with it,” Council member Bill stated. It was suggested to have a posting fee. Council member Leann Thomas spoke up, “I do not want to entertain that.”

City Clerk Rhonda Klapperich will ask what other towns do across Clerk Net to get some ideas, and it will be discussed at the next meeting.

• Ashley and Ethan Kraft were on hand to discuss the route 5K Fun Run/Walk was going to take.

• Michael Spinks of LimeSprings Beef touched base with Council on happenings at the corner. He explained construction will pick up in the next few weeks. “You’ll see more activity out there. We’re looking to open late October to early December.”

He added there was some talk of job postings. “Some local advertising for managerial positions were posted on Craig’s List. The butcher jobs will be posted in late October to November.”

• The kinks have been worked out for a dog-licensing ordinance and will be read at the next meeting.

• The ordinance banning fireworks will be revised to account for local organizations, such as Community Club, to have a display for special occasions.

• The former golf cart ordinance will be readopted as it was not included in the most recent ordinance book.

• City will pay Klapperich to become a Notary. Anyone wishing her to notarize something will be charged $3.00.

• The 28E agreement between the town and Howard County Sheriff’s Department was approved.

• The liquor license for the Community Club for Sweet Corn Days was approved.

• Kim Smith (Bruce Fortney’s former house) was given a permit for some work.

• Complaint letters were received on a travel trailer parked on the sidewalk (resolved); dog attack (letter sent); building a fence over the property line; and reconnection fee.

• The City wants to purchase a laptop for the clerk to be used in a variety of ways. It was mentioned it should be compatible with new equipment being purchased.

More research will be done.

• All no parking signs in town will be pulled.

• Community Club was granted permission to add a 230 V outlet to the library.

• Council tabled discussion on cell phone reimbursement.

• The next council meeting will be Sept. 2 at 7 p.m. at the Community Center.


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