Marcie’s Meanderings

--sun(I normally do not print Meanderings online, but am doing so this week in memory of my Chelsey)

Heaven gained an angel

Look at this girl. Beautiful. Sweet. Smiley. Happy. Always willing to help a friend or relative in need. Upbeat. Giving. Caring. Quick-witted. Gone.
I am not sure how her family and friends will continue in the next few days, weeks, years. I can guarantee you that I will be missing my niece, Chelsey Morgan, for a very, very long time.

As I sit here, I can only picture her with a smile on her face. Even as a girl she had such a bubbly personality.

One of our family jokes is from a vacation we took to Wisconsin Dells. She was around age four. Chelsey had on a very beautiful, flowered bikini. I told her it was very pretty. Our daughter, Nicole, would never wear something so pink and pretty. Her reply, “Well, I’m a girly-girl.” Perhaps you met this “girly-girl” who was not afraid to get her hands dirty (such as going to New Jersey to help rebuild a house), working with plants or scrap metal for FFA, getting dirty playing softball, or playing with her brothers or racing go-karts.

That same trip, we found out how stubborn she was. She had a top and skirt that she loved. She wouldn’t wear anything else. On the third day, I threw her clothes in the tub and splashed water on them. “Sorry Chelsey. Your clothes got wet somehow. You have to wear something new.” She might have been disappointed, but I don’t remember her throwing a fit. As always, she went with the flow.

I have always said Facebook can be good and bad. I can’t handle the negativity. But I am glad it is there. Her friends have been posting memories and notes to Chelsey that make me proud and sad. She touched so many lives.

This week, we buried a daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, niece and friend. But not her memories. They will live in those who knew and loved her.

Til we meet again, Baby . . .


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