Families can get refund on lunches, technology

No lie! In the Admin Update from Sept. 12, Supt. John Carver let parents know they were eligible for some money coming back to them.

School lunches
If parents paid for school lunches from January 2000 through August 2014, they are eligible to receive $3.50 per child per year. This adds up to about $42 per student.

Carver stated, “Martin Brothers will pay nearly $2 million in a class action lawsuit and the money will be refunded to parents for school lunches from January 2000 to August 2014. Parents who paid for school lunch during the above time frame have until the end of September to file a claim and become a part of the lawsuit. Refunds of $3.50 per student per year will be paid. For complete information go to: http://www.iowaschoolfoodsettlement.com/ Claims can be filled out on line “

[Editor’s note: Since my daughter had school lunches at H-W during that timeframe, I filled out the online form. FYI, it took less than five minutes. Well worth the effort.]

Waiver for Technology
With the deployment of digital devices last year, students were assigned an Assessment of $40 for an iPad and $50 for a Laptop. The District received an update notification that the FRED waiver would apply to the Technology Assessment. What this means is that families who qualify for the waiver will be refunded the assessment. Howard-Winn Business Manager Clint Farlinger will be facilitating refunds to families.


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