To discuss renaming district

Secretary/Treasurer Clint Farlinger gives the oath of office to Vice-President of the school board Duane Bodermann and to President Scott Fortune at the Sept. 8 Howard-Winneshiek School Board meeting.

Secretary/Treasurer Clint Farlinger gives the oath of office to Vice-President of the school board Duane Bodermann and to President Scott Fortune at the Sept. 8 Howard-Winneshiek School Board meeting.

By Marcie Klomp
Renaming Howard-Winneshiek Community School District to better describe the school has been on the monthly meeting agenda for over a year.

It was recently taken out of the “Parking Lot” portion of the agenda (items to keep an eye on) and moved to “Old Business.”
It was decided at the Sept. 8 meeting to discuss the issue at the Advisory Group meeting tentatively set for Oct. 1. The Advisory Group is set to meet tentatively on the first Monday of each month (October, November, February, March and April). Any community member is invited to attend these meetings.

The name has been a bone of contention for Supt. John Carver since he started in July 2012. He said the names given the district are confusing to outsiders—Howard-Winneshiek, Howard-Winn, How-Winn, H-W and Crestwood. To make matters more confusing are the different names given to the former elementary schools: Crestwood (in Cresco), Ridgeway, Elma and Lime Springs-Chester.

With students in each grade being taught at one location (fourth graders at Lime Springs and all others in Cresco), a name encompassing all students/grades/buildings would better unify the district.

Carver said the October meeting is just to get the conversation going. If the district is to be renamed, it will not take place any time soon.

• In other business from the meeting, it was announced there were three open enroll in and three open enroll out requests for kindergarten.

The certified enrollment numbers for the district will be announced by mid-October, which is when they are required to be turned into the state.

• New hires were approved and include Jessica Stinson as cook; James Conway, Roger Johnston and Thomas Mahr as bus drivers; and Gary Steffen as assistant wrestling coach. Nancy Henry resigned as associate.

In addition the board re-established the musical assistant position at the high school to help especially with musicals. Oakley Natvig’s employment as physical education instructor was increased.

• Board members were assigned to sub-committees, as follows: Policy—Doug Berg and Duane Bodermann; Facilities and Transportation—Scott Fortune and James Kitchen; Negotiations—Karlos McClure and Bodermann; School Improvement—Fortune and Berg; and 28E Agreements/SAVE and PPEL Funds—McClure and Kitchen.

• The board approved the Wellness Policy submitted by Cheryl Dickman.

Dickman also submitted a request to raise lunch prices five cents. The district was not within the Paid Lunch Equity price guidelines, even though the program is in good shape financially. The board approved the increase.

• Joe Braun was appointed legal council for the district, as long as the position does not need to be advertised.
• Sara Grimm, PK-1 Principal/Director of Teaching and Learning, gave a presentation on student achievement and SIAC (School Improvement Advisory Committee) report.

The committee came up with goals for 2014-15 including increasing proficiency in literacy, math and science.
As always, board packets, minutes, calendar of events and other pertinent information can be found at .

H-W CSD Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District was held before the monthly meeting on Sept. 8.

One of the necessary agenda items was appointing a board Secretary/Treasurer. Board member James Kitchen joked to current secretary/treasurer Clint Farlinger if anybody could be appointed. Farlinger returned that he would hope he would be appointed, which the board did.

President and vice-president stayed the same after the election of officers with Scott Fortune retaining the presidency and Duane Bodermann serving again as vice.

After some discussion, board members thought it a good idea to have the regular meetings in the various communities in the district on the second Monday of the month. For 2014-15, board meetings will be held at five locations—Cresco, Ridgeway, Elma, Chester and Lime Springs. Exact locations and dates will be decided shortly. Check the district’s website at for updated information.


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