Old Town Ghost tours

Tour Lidtke Mill as you’ve never seen it before, by attending the Ghost Tour on Saturday, Oct. 18 from 4-8. Folks will be visiting parts of the mill that have never been open to the public. It is your one and only chance this year to take part in this novel spooktacular event!

The tour will start at the mill house with a guide leading you along your journey through the “Ghosts of Old Town” with a lantern. The buildings of this Ghost Town have been there since before the turn of the last century and have many stories to tell.

You will learn of how bodies used to lie in state at wakes in the parlor and the macabre use of the deceased human hair as art! You will hear about some of the people who used to live in the house who seemed to never leave. Learn about the origins of Lime Springs and the caves around the Upper Iowa River. Feel and hear the rush of the water over your head as you hear about drownings. And of course hear the real story of the footprints left in the mill after the electrocution.

Your tour will end outside by the bonfire with a final story in the chilly October night air.

Tickets can be purchased at the mill house or at the Community Center where a soup supper is also taking place. Hay rides will take folks from and to Old Town.


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