Ghost Tour

--nikkiIf you didn’t go on the Ghost Tour out at Old Town on Saturda,y you missed out! Head pumpkin counter Phyl Stevenson reported there were 166 souls who braved the unknown and went through all seven stations.

Attendees saw parts of Lidtke Mill and mill house that up until now had been off limits. And for good reason. Who knew the basement was the gateway to a place too scary to discuss? Did anyone else know the story of the Morgan pulling kids into the depths of the river? And . . . what about those glowing red dots that can be seen at times in the Mill Complex?

Some of those who told the stories were Samantha Donisi-Hamm and Jake Hamm of Manchester, Nikki Fortney, Jessica DeVries, Rita Roberts and Roy and Alicia Lidtke of Elberon. Roy and Samantha put the stories to paper.

The tour was a little truth and a little fiction—triction. To find out what parts were true, why not go on a tour next summer?

Folks could drive to the Mill or go on a hayride (supplied by Eddie Miller and D.J. Miller), which started at the Community Center. There, folks had a choice of four different soups, with 270 individuals being served.

There were also 10 different harvest festival vendors including Anderliks with their handmade wood items, Ellen Klomp with her unique crafty items, Mary Wherry and Sandra Drenth with crafty items, Girl Scouts with baked goods, Lidtke Mill (souvenirs), Young Living, Tastefully Simple, Scentsy, Susie Balk with her awesome candy bouquets, Norwex and honey.


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