Auditor’s office open Sat. for absentee voting

All county auditors’ offices will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 1 for absentee voting. Otherwise polls are open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. for the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Some voters may question the proper way to cast their ballot. Howard County Audiotr Julie Chapman said if a person chooses to vote in just one race, the machine will pick up and count that mark.

Residents can also vote a straight party ticket, but if they want to stray on one or two contests, their ballot will still be valid. The two opposite party votes will be counted with all other races following the party line.

In the 2014 election, locally, voters will be choosing a supervisor from District 2 (Don Burnikel-Democrat vs. Joe Pisney-Republican) and from District 3 (Jan McGovern-D and James Kitchen-R).

Other county races include Warren J. Steffen-R and Cherri L. Caffrey-D, both running unopposed.

Two individuals are running for two seats on Regional Health Services of Howard County Board of Trustees. They are George R. Willis and Bootie Kapler.

Mike Lewis and Michael Natvig are running for two seats as Howard Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner.

Five locals are looking to take one of five seats on the Howard County Agricultural Extension Council. They are Sheryl Cray, Gary Sovereign, Steve Mahr, Jessica Reis and Cindi Grover.

State Representative for District 51 has incumbent Josh Byrnes-R being challenged by Laura Hubka-D.

Six individuals are vying for U.S. Senator. They are Bruce Braley-D, Joni Ernst-R, Bob Quast-Bob Quast for Term Limits (BTL), Rick Stewart-Independent, Douglas Butzier-Libertarian and Ruth Smith-no party.

U.S. Representative for District 1 has Pat Murphy-D taking on Rod Blum-R.

Running for Governor/Lieutenant Governor are Jack Hatch/Monica Vernon-D, Terry E. Branstad/Kim Reynolds-R, Jonathan R. Narcisse/Michael L. Richards-Lib, Lee Deakins Hieb/Tim Watson-Iowa Party and Jim Hennager/Mary Margaret Krieg-New Independent Party.

Secretary of State choices include Brad Anderson-D, Paul D. Pete-R, Jake Porter-Lib and Spencer Highland-NPI.

Auditor of State has Jonathan Neiderbach-D and Mary Mosiman-R battling for the seat.

Michael L. Fitzgerald-D, Sam Clovis-R and Keith A. Laube-Lib are looking to become Treasurer of State.

Secretary of Agriculture has Sherrie Taha-D going against Bill Northey-R and Levi Benning-NPI.

The office of Attorney General is being sought by Tom Miller-D and Adam Gregg-R.

On the Judicial Ballot, voters will be asked if the listed judges be retained in office. For Court of Appeals, the judges are Thomas N. Bower and Christopher McDonald. For District Court, judges are Bradley J. Harris and Joel Anthony Dalrymple.

All election results will be available on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website at This information will include federal, state, judicial retention and county races. Race results will display by district and county. The results will be updated periodically (roughly every five to ten minutes).

Or, on Wednesday afternoon, check for tentative winners.


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