Club disappointed with profits —Sponsor of Sweet Corn Days made less than $1,000

By Marcie Klomp

Thud. You could have heard a pin drop when Lime Springs Community Club members learned how much money they made during the town’s annual celebration, Sweet Corn Days at their October meeting. The total came to under $1,000 for the three-day event.

Granted, there are a few (very few) checks to still come in, so the total will probably go over the $1,000 mark when all is said and done.

It was definitely a shock to the system as everyone contemplated all the hard work that goes into our town festival—taking calls for vendors, setting up vendors, ordering food and beverages, getting the band lined up, finding chairmen to head events, finding workers for the various booths, ordering porta-potties, giving away sweet corn and more. This is in addition to doing all the advertising.
It is a tiring weekend, that’s for sure.

So why do the members continue to look forward to next year? It’s what they do. The celebration is not for them or their club, it is for the entire community of Lime Springs. It is for having family reunions. It is for the businesses who profit from the fun-filled weekend every August. It is for the organizations who use the festival as the main fund-raising event for the year.

A person can look at the glass as half empty or half full. The half empty part says, “Look at all the time and money spent, and all we made was $1,000.”

The half full part looks at it a different way.

Because of the Lime Springs Community Club:

• The Lime Springs Fire Department made $4,500 to help purchase a new truck and equipment, saving residents tax dollars. By updating equipment, the department will be better able to save you and yours if the need arises.

• The Lime Springs Swimming Pool and Parks made $2,500 through its own fund-raisers and donations made by others. Again, that saves the taxpayers money and gives families something to do in the warmer months of the year.

• The Library made $500, which, again, saved taxpayers money. Their fund-raisers will help keep the local library going and provide programs for the youth of the community.

• Oneota Club made $1,250. All the money they make goes back into the community, either through helping to maintain Kitchen Park or as grants to other organizations.

The list goes on and on. The Fish & Game Club makes money. The Children’s Theatre Troop makes money. The churches make money. The bars make money. The travel plaza make money. The newspaper makes money. The Locker made money. Other businesses, organizations and individuals have their own booth or event, which made money.

So a person can look at it like the Community Club only made $1,000 during Sweet Corn Days. Or a person could say the Community Club donated $10,000-15,000 back to the community, which is the main purpose of the group in the first place.

Just remember, when a club member comes around asking for a donation for Festival of Trees, Christmas in Lime Springs, Easter Egg Hunt, Salad Luncheon or Halloween Party, think about saying “Yes.”


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