How votes are counted

In this digital age, counting votes is much easier than it was years ago, when ballots had to be hand-counted.

Now voters fill out their ballot and put it in the ballot box, where both sides are scanned, and the marked boxes are counted.

When polls close, the workers put a “closer” ballot through the box and print out a tape. Another tape is printed with all write-ins on it. When all reports are done printing, a thumb drive with all the information on it is taken from the machine.

The thumb drive, reports and other items are taken to the court house where the auditor inserts the thumb-drive into a laptop, and the information is uploaded.

Absentee ballots received in the mail or in the auditor’s office before 9 p.m. on Election Day are counted at the court house along with the other totals.

When the information has been received from all the precincts, another report is printed, giving the unofficial results.
Results are not official until the next supervisor’s meeting, this year on Nov. 10, when the board looked over the numbers given them by auditor Julie Chapman.


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