LS Community Center wants storage room

The Community Center board is looking to add a storage room to the facility. The door to it would open from where the cupboard is located.

The Community Center board is looking to add a storage room to the facility. The door to it would open from where the cupboard is located.

By Marcie Klomp
Rhonda Klapperich, representing the Lime Springs Community Center, asked City Council if the board could pursue building a storage room onto the east side of the building.

“It would be a cold storage room to store tables and chairs,” she explained. It would be built right outside the center’s southeast door and extend to the kitchen windows. “We will put in a door to go from where the cupboard is located now to the room,” Klapperich added. It will not have outside access. The quotes the board had received ranged from $13,000-16,000.

Fire Chief Nate Schwickerath quickly spoke up, “The fire department will donate labor so the tables can get out of here.” Extra tables and chairs have been stored in the fire station since the facility opened in 2004.

Council gave their blessing to go forward with the project.
• Schwickerath reported the fire department didn’t have any calls for the month. “That’s a good thing,” but the firefighters were readying for a burn training in the same house they recently had RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) training in.

The fire chief’s biggest concern is the pumper truck. “A couple weeks ago, the pump tested on 361 barely passed. Typically a new truck will pass by 20 percent.”

He said it goes to show how important a new truck is for Lime Springs and surrounding areas. “We’ve stepped up our fund-raising efforts. From my standpoint, I want to ask the city if they would be willing to apply something toward a truck. The community has stepped up.”

A truck was being sold by auction last week, which would work good for Lime Springs, but Schwickerath figured it would go higher than the department could afford. Council will continue monitoring the situation.

• Jill Johnson reported the library was once again having a silent auction in November. “I encourage everyone to stop in, and maybe you can do some Christmas shopping locally,” she said.

Participation in the after-school programs has fallen off since the elementary only has fourth graders this year. Librarian Janet DeVries is trying extra hard to get the youth to attend the events.

• The Pool and Park Board was working on getting the birthday calendar done in time to sell it, along with t-shirts and sweatshirts, at Christmas in Lime Springs.

The board will also be applying for several grants when they become available.

• Public Works Director Casey Sebastian commented he was going to have the contractor for the camera and cleaning of sewers come and look over about 1,200 feet of sewer. “Checking the sewer system with a camera and cleaning it is like changing a furnace filter. It is preventative maintenance that needs done,” he explained.

• A change order on the road at LimeSprings Beef was brought before council by Engineer George Tekippe. The original contract had the culverts changed to concrete, but the existing ones were able to be used, saving the city some money.

• Because of the new radio-read water meters, Sebastian was able to let five residents and two businesses know they had a water leak last month. The electronic device notes high usage and alerts the operator to a problem. He in turn has been letting customers know as soon as possible there is a possible leak.

• The brush dump will be kept open.

• Council went into closed session to discuss pay raises for employees. The deputy clerk’s pay stayed the same, the clerk got a 50¢ per hour raise, the assistant maintenance man was raised$1.00 per hour and the maintenance director got a $1.50 raise.

• The City will get a new laptop computer through CPU.

• Parking on Main Street was discussed. A notice will go in the Lime Springs Herald and in water bills stating the city will tow cars parked on Main Street from Nov. 1-April 1 from 3-6 a.m. in the event of snow. Main Street area was designated as the junction of Main and Clark east to 110 E. Main.

• The abandonment of the four-inch main on West Main was completed.

• An updated dog licensing ordinance was adopted. Dogs were to be licensed each year at $5.00 per dog. See clerk for its entirety.

• The Annual Financial Report was approved.

• The next council meeting will be Dec. 2 at 7 p.m.


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