Johnson family Thanksgiving

Community Thanksgiving
Nov. 20, noon
LS Community Center

The first Thanksgiving is said to have been held in 1621. It is a tradition that has been celebrated annually for 390 years.
Although 19 years is a drop in the bucket compared with those figures, it is still impressive when it represents the number of years the Johnson family has shared their bounty with their friends in the community.

It all began back in 1994 when the family meal had just been devoured, but there was still too much food left over. So, just like the pilgrims of Plymouth, Mass. in 1621, the family decided to share their food the following year.

Anyone is invited to attend the old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner at the Lime Springs Community Center on Thanksgiving, Nov. 27. The meal starts at noon. Perhaps your family dinner is on the weekend or perhaps bad weather crept up and you are unable to go to a loved one’s house. If so, drop in at the Johnson dinner.

Don’t worry about a dish to pass. There are plenty of vittles for everyone. The family roasts at least three turkeys to feed their family—and yours—and those gobblers come with all the trimmings including mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, salads galore, vegetables and of course pumpkin pie!

The family says the more the merrier, so keep them in mind if you need a place to go.

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