Lime Springs Herald to print last newspaper in February

“It is after great thought and a heavy heart that Joyce and I are announcing the closing of the Lime Springs Herald in February,” said Publisher Dan Evans, co-owner of the weekly newspaper with wife, Joyce Evans. “Although the local and surrounding communities continue to support the weekly paper, the income generated can no longer sustain publishing the Herald.”

Continually rising mailing and printing costs and fewer businesses able to advertise are the main reasons for the closing.

When former publisher Eileen Evans heard the news, she recalled that when she and husband Al purchased the Herald and LeRoy Independent in September 1992, Carl Cassidy tried to get it in writing to keep the Herald running for at least two years after the sale. That was 22 years ago!

Part of the key to its longevity over the years has been the people who read the paper every week, along with all the staff, who work together to continually put out an award-winning newspaper year after year.

Although it will be strange to not receive the Herald in the mail every Thursday, rest assured Lime Springs and Chester news will still be published. It will come a day earlier in the pages of the Times Plain Dealer.

Anyone with a subscription to the Herald will have it automatically transferred to the TPD. If a subscriber already gets both papers, however many months are left on the Herald will be added to their TPD subscription.

Subscribers who enjoy the articles written by Editor Marcie Klomp can still enjoy her writings, as she will be moving to the TPD as well.

“I have enjoyed working at the Herald for 14 years. I’m looking forward to writing about Lime Springs, Chester and all Howard County news at the Times,” Klomp said.

“We just can’t thank the communities of Chester and Lime Springs on how much they have supported the paper in the past,” added Evans on the 17 years he and his wife have owned the paper. “It’s been a great ride in owning the Herald and it’s just unfortunate that we’re unable to keep this wonderful communication open.”

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