The Lime Springs Herald has played a major role in the development of Lime Springs by reporting the news and pushing townspeople to think of the future of the town.

Although there are no known copies of early newspapers (before 1900), there are references to the first paper being published in May 1872.

Over the years, the Lime Springs paper has been called the Tribune, Graphic, Sun, Record, Sun-Herald and lastly Lime Springs Herald.

There are complete “year” books with all the news starting in 1926. (In 1925, the printing office was destroyed by fire.) Before 1926, there are scattered issues.

In 1931, a young man named Carl Cassidy purchased the paper, at the age of 19. He changed name to the Lime Springs Herald and continued to own and publish the paper for the next 61 years.

He sold the paper, along with the LeRoy Independent, to Al and Eileen Evans in 1992. They sold to Barry and Sara Casebolt in October 1995. Dan, son of Al and Eileen, and Joyce Evans, the current owners and publishers of the Herald took over April 1998.

In January, 2008, the newspaper decided to offer an online version. This gave those interested in Lime Spings easy access to the news from any place in the world.

The current editor of both the traditional paper version and the online version is Marcie Klomp, who started in that position in 2000.

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  1. Marcie,

    Happy New Year!

    In the obit recently posted about Pete Garrison’s passing I noted that his brother-in-law Willy Kelly is mentioned. However, his sister Helen is not. Would you know if Helen is deceased. Eddie Hughes does not know. I have e-mailed both Phyllis S. and Keith Williams but neither has responded. Helen was about 3 years older than Pete.

    Woodbury, MN

  2. Marcie
    I was wondering why my wife Carol Foote’s obituary was not posted on the web site. I know it was in the paper but am surprised it didn’t make it to the web site

    Thanks David Foote

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