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28 Responses

  1. Thanks for getting back online. I’ve missed you!!

  2. Since I grew up in Lime Springs, and moved away many years ago. Ive been able to keep in touch through the Lime Springs Herald. Keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping it alive , Joe

  3. i am looking for the paper that was published around the 5th of october 2009. i believe that it had a story about the depression days. there was a picture of a house that had three chimneys. the back way to cresco, a few miles from town. the house stands tall from the road but is very run down can anyone tell me about that house. does anyone still have a copy of that paper.

  4. good to see that your back online I live in Torrance CA.

  5. The new website is great. I had already put my November 5th paper in the recycling and wanted to read The Passing of the Years article again, so I found it online and printed it off. It was sure nice to be able to do this. I love the Herald. It just keeps getting better.

  6. Great to see you have the Lime Springs Herald back on line. I live in Falls Church, Virginia, and always look forward to reading the news from my home town.

  7. I have been enjoying the Capitola Smith story you have been running. Genealogy is my hobby and it gives a wonderful picture of the lifestyle of that era. Anyone who had ancestors in the area can gain insight from this lovely story and I wait each week to read the next installment. Thank you. You have taken inspiration from newspapers of the past who would publish stories in a series. I think yoou hit a home run with this one!

  8. Way to keep the Old Town alive. I wish I would of suscribed a long time ago.

    Tony’s Towing
    Gillette Wyoming

  9. Hey Marcy i am doing a project over the town of lime springs and if you want to tell me about any of the things about lime springs that would be great and this is a project for school

    • Marcy, greetings from NE Afghanistan. It’s always good to find out what is going on in the the home town. I really like the online version. My printed copy goes from LS via Oklahoma to here so it is somewhat old news when I get it. Keep up the good work!

      • Thanks for writing. I know we tried this before, but if you can get your picture taken with the Herald over there that would be cool. We could also do a little write-up about what you’re doing and such since leaving LS. You keep up the good work, too!!!!!!

  10. I enjoy reading about your articles from my home town, one subject I would like to read is old news as to how the LS Library was started. My mother, Hazel (Gerald) Murphy, Geneva Garrison, and if I remember right,
    Mary (Roy) Jones was another lady who worked very hard in the very beginning. Phoebe Klomp, may be another lady, but I am not sure at this time. I recall only a few ladies worked very hard to accomplish their task. The first Library was up stairs, back of Dr. Jones Dentist office. We live on a Ranch in Southern CA where we raise clydesdale horses. Thank you, Gerry

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I just checked and it moved above Halweg Drug in 1950, so this is the 60th anniversary. I will definitely be doing something on it when I come across it when I go back in history.
      Marcie Klomp, Editor (Phoebe is my great-aunt-in-law)

  11. Thank you for your interest, but at the current time, we are able to post things ourselves. Marcie

  12. Thank you for this service for those like me who have moved way out of the area. I lived in Lime Springs from 1945-1954.

    Thank you to all Lime Springs area residents who help putting on such great Sweet Corn Days. Our family gathers in the Cresco-Lime Springs area on Sweet Corn Days weekend every year recently. It is a great time to see folks when we eat waffles and omletes as well as stroll the streets.

  13. We are with the LeRoy Independent, so everything can be sent to the same addresses, just specify Lime Springs also. Thanks. Marcie

  14. Hi Marcie,
    Thanks for you interest in LS history.
    Regarding the article about the building next to the former Exchange State Bank. My mother, my sister Joan and I moved from the north side of LS to the house just south ot the new community center in 1935. I do not believe that the Mahony family was in LS yet. They had 3 or 4 children and lived in the house that is by the ball park and was later occupied by Harry and Dorothy Kitchen and family. Keep up the good work. The former “Bud” Nagel

    • Sorry it took so long to reply. First off, thanks for adding more info to the story. And, I would love a copy of who lived where. About 8 years ago, I started doing research on all the houses in town—who OWNED the houses and some quirky information about them and the house. I kind of stopped, but still intend to write something on each one. Right now, I am going through the old Cresco papers for the years I don’t have Herald’s (because of fires or Carl being at war). That is very time consuming but interesting. I am up to 1897. Another 30 years to go and then start on the second paper Cresco had!!!! I want to get info together about who was in each of the buildings in Lime Springs, along with other information, for the 2018 150th celebration. Any information or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have already asked Donna Ihns and will be asking Phyl Stevenson for help with the book.
      You can get in touch with me personally at packrfan@iowatelecom.net
      Thanks again. Marcie

  15. Marcie,
    Did I ever give you a copy of my “Who lived where, when information?

  16. Marcie,
    I need your email address. I am away from home and need to get some information to you.
    Jody Dean
    Howard-Winnneshiek Genealogy Society

  17. I don’t know if this will even be allowed, but I have to try. I live in Webster City and my daughter is going to college in Rochester, MN. We were in Lime Springs on Sunday, Aug. 7 for a wedding. The wedding was being held at 2 pm at the Lidtke Mill. About 1 pm, my daughter was headed to the mill and was involved in a hit and run accident. The accident ocurred on May Ave. just south of the T intersection with 25th St. She was south bound and the other vehicle, north. The vehicle that hit her and did not stop is red or maroon, believed to be a dodge, truck. It is also thought to have a black stripe. Based on the rubber it left on the side of her car, I would expect that it is a pretty large truck. This truck was on my daughter’s side of the road and very nearly hit her head on. I am hoping that someone would be able to help us locate this truck and driver. We also have a black plastic piece that belongs to the truck that hit her and then ran. If you can provide ANY information about this, please, do so. My daughter and the young lady with her, were not “hurt” per se, but rattled and my daughter is very sore! As her mom, I hate to see her hurting, but I am also upset that someone would do this! If you have any information, please contact the sheriff’s office. Thank you for your time and help!!

    Brenda Sinnett

  18. Hi Marcie,
    My name is Karla(Kelly)Nickerson and my Grandmother was Geneva Garrison who was a long time resident of Lime Springs. My Mom was Helen Garrison Kelly. I noticed a post by a Burt Nagel regarding an inquiry regarding my Mom. My Mom passed away on December 14, 2007 at the age of 80. She is dearly missed. My Dad, Wilferd Kelly is still living and will turn 86 on November 26th, 2011. I have very fond memories as a child of Lime Springs. Thanks for being online.

  19. Marcie,
    Do you by chance have any information on the Howard County “town” called Acme or know where I can get some info?
    Merlin Bartz

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