Cream the teacher

Got him!

Hopefully Mariah Gossman doesn’t get in too much trouble for throwing a pie in Principal Todd Knobloch’s face at the end of the year program! She smacked him right after he requested, “Please don’t get any in my hair!”

The event was a fund-raiser for PATT (Parents And Teachers Together). Each staff member had a jar and students put money in to vote for their favorite to get creamed. Students names were drawn for the chance to throw a pie. The winners (or losers) were Karla Murphy (who got creamed by Abby Dietz), Dory Fravel (Sharon Goodman), Angel Dietz (Colton Heit—her own student) and Principal Todd Knobloch (Gossman).

The students then cheered for PATT president, Shannon Reis, to take the seat of honor! In all, the students raised $279,87 which will be used for parties and special events in the second semester.


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