Christmas in Lime Springs

Get ready for another busy day in town when the 17th annual Christmas in Lime Springs is celebrated this Sunday, Dec. 2.

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Candlelight Festival of Trees

Roger and Patsy Lepa enjoy the light lunch served during Candlelight Festival of Trees.

A good crowd decided to kick off their holidays by attending the fifth annual Candlelight Festival of Trees in Lime Springs.

Donna Ihns and Kareen Johnson provided Christmas music during the event.

Fifteen organizations, businesses and families decorated trees over the Thanksgiving weekend, and they were voted on, Sunday, Nov. 25.

Around 103 votes were cast and the winner of the contest will be announced at Christmas in Lime Springs, this weekend, Dec. 2. The winner will receive $25 for the trouble.

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There’s a new banker in town

Jordan Guyer is the new face at C US Bank-Lime Springs.

By Marcie Klomp

Jordan Guyer may be new to Lime Springs, but he isn’t new to the area. Guyer took over as Senior Ag Lender/Loan Office Manager at the local branch of C US Bank the first of October. Duane Johnson left the position after 20 years. Guyer said he was lucky to work with Johnson since April.

“The six months Duane and I were together was spent getting to know the customer base,” he explained. Johnson even may have clued Guyer in on a few tricks of the trade, although the new manager didn’t need much training.

He grew up on a farm near Clermont. He went to Ellsworth Community College and graduated from Iowa State. You might get an earful if you ask him about his Cyclones! His major was Ag Business and Finance.

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Hanging of the Greens

The Lime Springs United Methodist Church will be having a special service on Sunday, Dec. 2, starting at 10:30 a.m.

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Post Office meeting in Chester

Chester is having a Post Office meeting for all those interested in what will happen in the town after the postal service hours are cut from eight down to two per day.

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Christmas Gift Give-Away

The Lime Springs Herald and participating Lime Springs and Chester businesses will be giving away $120 in good-as-cash bucks over the next few weeks in celebration of Christmas. (See ads on page 6.)

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Kindergartners talk turkey . . . and cottage cheese and pizza and pudding!


Allie Johnson, Danny Miller and Wyatt Kaski, have their own ideas of what foods should be served for Thanksgiving.

By Marcie Klomp

I once read that a kindergarten teacher always sent home a note with the students at the beginning of the year. She told parents she would only believe half of what their child said if they in turn only believed half of what took place in the classroom.

It’s not that the students were lying, they just saw, and see, things differently, such as the boy this year who was oblivious to the preparations taking place for Thanksgiving dinner. Basically he said it just appears.

As parents and grandparents, we know making the traditional Thanksgiving dinner takes some time and care.

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